2005 Congress Results

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8-03-05 Hi: I just posted this info on a different e-mail on this same site, so just in case everybody doesn't read every post, here goes. Lennie Bertrand posted a neat site that has all the results, so far, from Congress. The address is www.horseshowsonline.com. It's real easy to navigate. Ta, Shirlee
Oh, now this is a great website! I'm definitely adding it to my favorites. Thank you for posting it.

And congratulations to all the winners!!! I can't wait to see pictures (hint, hint)

The www.horseshowsonline.com website is great for those of us stuck at home!!
Thank you for posting it.

This is so cool...!!!!!! Wish we had something like this for all the shows!!!!!
Ponygirl said:
This is so cool...!!!!!!  Wish we had something like this for all the shows!!!!!


8-4-05 Hi there: Don't know exactly what it entails, but Lennie Bertrand also suggested that we contact our Directors and urge them to look into the program he's using. If his program is what is allowing us to see these results so easily and quickly, I'm all for it. Maybe it could be used for all of the shows -- which would be great! In this 'information age' it's ridiculous that we have to wait weeks for the office to post them. So maybe this is a way around that problem. Hope so. Ta, Shirlee

Nice to see the results so soon. Have several friends who are there competing.

Lyn I see Michigan's Father Dowling is doing well!!


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