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  1. thathorsecrazychick

    Modifying/ figuring out how my harness works

    Ok so my harness I notice is going to hold the cart to low and I still need to figure how I’m going attach the traces and I would love any advice/ how to modify or figure it out.
  2. Walt's Fault

    Cart shafts

    I need help identifying my cart and shafts. I also have a question about attaching the saddle to the shafts because I think the overgirth is integrated into the shaft loops. I attached pictures of the shaft without the saddle strap "loop" and with. There are also pictures of the strap next to...
  3. Stripe13

    Cart+harness fitting help

    Hey all! Rebel is finally ready to be put into the cart! With that all being said, I want to make sure that her tack looks like it’s fitting properly. I adjusted everything as much as I can but I wanted to see what you guys thought. Is there anything that looks like it needs adjustment? The...
  4. charlottein

    Different types of trees/trace attachments

    I have been watching videos on harnessing and just trying to improve myself and my understanding. I see so many different types of carts and trees and attachments. Is there like a guide to all these and how to attach them? And how exactly do I use this one? Not sure if I have been doing it right...
  5. Stripe13

    Jessica Photos

    Currently stuck at the beach because my dog needed surgery (he’s older and decided to jump off the deck chasing after a raccoon. He basically tore all the ligaments in his knee) so I’m staying here till he’s healed up enough to go back home. I’ve been here around 3 weeks, and I really miss my...
  6. Stripe13

    Driving show clothes?

    So I’m planning on going to a schooling show this upcoming January with my mini, Jessica. I’m going to be showing in open pleasure harness and open judges command harness. The thing is, it’s going to be very cold. I know typically women who show in harness where dresses, however I definitely...
  7. GoldenTree

    Tack and Training

    I've been working hard with my first mini, Cinnamon. I've had her about a month and a half and we've made a lot of progress. She's going to be 3 in May and I would love to train her to drive eventually but don't really know how to get started. What she can do: Yield her forequarters and...
  8. rjrubicon

    Next help with adjusting to balance out weight of cart on small mini

    Help! I am an experience driver of horses in carts, wagons and carraiges. I recently acquired a small A sized mini. She came with harness and easy entry mini 2 wheel cart. I am stuck on a problem that I cannot seem to solve. First off, very little is level in my part of Virginia---finding a...
  9. Strangeaddiction

    What Brand of Harness???

    What harness maker stamps their harnesses with an H on the shaft loops? There also a serial number on the bridle. I'm looking at buying this show harness from someone and trying to remember what brand it is!
  10. Strangeaddiction

    Halters, Harnesses, Show clothes, Oh my!!

    I posted this in the driving section but thought I might get more traffic/opinions here in this section too as it just inst driving related. This season I plan on showing my OWN mini! I am beginning my search for show "tack". Show harness, show halter for performance and possibly halter classes...
  11. Strangeaddiction


    Hello all! I am fairly new to the mini driving world (been training and showing big horses my whole life!) I am looking into getting my first mini, he is a chestnut and white pinto, very talented mover (plan to show him in country probably). Anyways I am looking for opinions. He won't come with...
  12. xrdh

    Versatility Class unharnessing advice, please.

    Does anyone have any advice on how to quickly unbridle and unharness a mini in a Versatility Class? In what order is it best done? Who does what? Does the helper just hold the horse, or does he also undo everything on his side? How do you change from the bridle to the halter safely? And, lastly...
  13. MyGoldenSunny

    Team harness, work collars with hames or breastcollars? What is best for minis???

    Hi all! I'm looking into getting a team harness for my team of minis and I have always used the breastcollars on my minis, but the work collars with hames on big horses. Has anyone used the work collars with hames on minis??? I love the look and would like it for my very "drafty" style minis...
  14. Erickson Miniature Horses

    Converting Harness

    Is it possible to covert a harness with a collar into a harness with a breast strap?
  15. Foster Woods Miniatures

    Need a "how to assemble a harness"...

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone had a good website that has step by step instructions (with pictures) that show how to assemble a harness properly. I have a pretty good Idea, I was just making sure I didnt miss anything I believe it would also be a good thing to have for new drivers...
  16. ~Amanda~

    Driving Conformation

    I'm looking to learn more about driving conformation, specifically in terms of miniature horses. Most sites I can find that detail 'proper' conformation are geared toward riding: hunters, jumpers, cutting, etc. I haven't had much luck finding out what makes ideal conformation for a...