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  1. M

    Accessories For Sale Frey Sprint for VSE/Small Pony

    Selling my Frey Sprint cart. I got it to show my Shetland cross but just don’t have the time, sticking to trails and fun for now! Will work out trade for a hyperbike with C shafts or a K-cart or Vanderveen cart. Otherwise asking $3k obo. In great shape, barely used, has added rack on the back...
  2. charlottein

    Trailering a cart

    Turns out my cart won’t fit in my trailer unless I go to the trouble to take the seat off. So I am looking at options for carrying it on the back of the trailer. I would love to see pictures, if your setup as the only threads I found were very old and had broken pictures/links. My trailer won’t...
  3. Walt's Fault

    Cart shafts

    I need help identifying my cart and shafts. I also have a question about attaching the saddle to the shafts because I think the overgirth is integrated into the shaft loops. I attached pictures of the shaft without the saddle strap "loop" and with. There are also pictures of the strap next to...
  4. Stripe13

    Jessica Photos

    Currently stuck at the beach because my dog needed surgery (he’s older and decided to jump off the deck chasing after a raccoon. He basically tore all the ligaments in his knee) so I’m staying here till he’s healed up enough to go back home. I’ve been here around 3 weeks, and I really miss my...
  5. Bobby D Rivers

    Dan Patch miniature racing Sully

    Here is a handmade 1900 type racing sulky. All handmade . will be adding a breyer horse and harness later to complete.
  6. HomesteadFox

    Frontier Equestrian Carts

    Does anyone have a cart from Frontier? I am looking at the easy entry style carts for trail and pleasure driving. They seem really well priced for new ones with brakes too.
  7. rjrubicon

    Next help with adjusting to balance out weight of cart on small mini

    Help! I am an experience driver of horses in carts, wagons and carraiges. I recently acquired a small A sized mini. She came with harness and easy entry mini 2 wheel cart. I am stuck on a problem that I cannot seem to solve. First off, very little is level in my part of Virginia---finding a...
  8. Erickson Miniature Horses

    Converting Harness

    Is it possible to covert a harness with a collar into a harness with a breast strap?
  9. crisco41

    entry/training this worth price?

    do you thinbk this cart would be an okay cart to start with? My horses are anywhere from 32 to 34inches. What should I ask.? I called them up and had no idea what to ask. Tires are flat and it takes regular bicycle tires.I have no idea what i should look for. I do not have a lot of money..and...
  10. bunni1900


    HELP! I am looking for the best TRAIL cart to start my mini with. I am at a loss! I will have to save up no matter what but I really need some help! Any and all input is appreciated!
  11. bunni1900

    Help choosing the right cart!

    I have a 30" mare who I am training to drive. I am looking to get her a cart but don't know what measurements will be right for her. Her blanket size is 40" and she has a pretty decent stride. She is a little stocky, has good muscle and a great build. I want to save up for a trail cart for her...
  12. Little Wolf Ranch

    Driving Horses - What's too small?

    Hey again guys! I got the stick out on my yearling colt (measured on his birthday but he's almost 13 months old now) and I tagged him right at 26.50" even. According to the LB height calculator I can expect him to mature 29" to 30" tall fully grown. He was my "dream purchase" for my stallion...