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    Keeping minis with full size horse

    I keep mine separated. I don't want to take the risk.
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    Nationals... Meeting Forum members and catching up with old friends.

    Please forgive me if I posted this in the wrong Forum.. Art took me to AMHR Nationals. Have not been able to go for the last 4 years. Had a wonderful time, for the short time we got to go. I wanted to stay all day but I was give out even with using my cane after a few hours. Such Beautiful...
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    Thank You ... She is very special
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    I worry about her as she is getting up there in age. I still have her under cam, so I can check on her thru the night <3 I will never be the same when God calls her home...
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    The years are getting harder on her. She don't move around too much anymore. But the Vet says she is very healthy for her age. She maintains her weight well, maybe too well .. She is still such a momma's girl The older she gets the Blue'r in color she gets.
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    So what's new with everyone? I'd LOVE to hear some updates!!

    Still Kickin! Last surgery I had, I was down for a month. Drs did an excellent job! I feel better now than I have in a loooong time. Got a promotion at work. Supervisor of Admissions and Registration at our local hospital. We were hit by a F1 tornado last Spring. Tore the roof up on our house...
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    Gelding our boys and going out of breeding....

    I totally understand not missing the sleepless, scared to sleep for fear of the unknown foaling time.. Ziggi was our last foal 5 yrs ago I think? Good Luck in your new journey!
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    Its been awhile....Just wanted to say hi

    Im alive and kickin... And so is the Alien. Drs seem to have her under control and she dont like it. Not much left of me that she has not invaded. But I AM doing well, TY for asking. Dreamer is doing well, getting up there in age. Cricket and Dayja are spoiled rotten, and Dillion still thinks he...
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    Its been awhile....Just wanted to say hi

    I know most of you are gearing up for foaling season....Good Luck and may your Blessings (fillies) be many... <3
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    My fewspot stallion

    I really like him <3
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    How much hay do you feed in the winter

    We free choice to a degree with our minis. My stallion Dillion gets a 1/2 pad of alfalfa in the am and pm. The rest get the same with the exception that they also have Bermuda in the hay rack 24/7. They do eat a little more hay in the winter, as we have hard winters here, no grass to graze. It...
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    Sorry to see Connie retire, but Marty you are more than capable to fill the spot, Congrats MDF!
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    First aid kits-- the bare necessities?

    I keep large gauge tubing (like aquarium air lines) in my kit. For snake bits to the muzzle. That way if they ever get bitten, you can put the tubes in their nostrils so the can breath when their airways close. Ace bandages, kotex, baby diapers, thermometer with a string taped to it so it dont...
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    Another foal for CMC

    I LOOOOOVE him!