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    just trying to help

    a lady looking for a hotel room at a show coming up soon, which rooms have been sold out since January, and I have one I will not be needing now and know of another room available too. wanted to let her know where it was, thats all. maybe she doesnt like that hotel. thats for her to decide...
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    just trying to help

    just trying to help on the forum and now I HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED.. WHATEVER!! Guess my new website WILL ALLOW people to share information and not BLOCK them !
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    Red River Shootout

    is that the show, not this weekend, but next in Ada or Ardmore? I have a room and will not be needing it with my new trailer! PM me and give me your email address. think it is a 2 queen non smoking room. I booked it almost 3 months ago. I called and found the hotel in Ardmore. I have a room...
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    Trailer Dividers

    I would highly recommend someone else. Just look in your phone book for a licensed welder, they are bonded and insured on their work/ products. tell them exactly what you want, they will use the highest quality materials, not cheap flimsy material and you will not have the cost of shipping either.
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    Pulling Horse Triailer with Truck Camper

    It can be done, go to a trailer or RV place, they will put an extended hitch on for you. They will reinforce it to the truck. I hope you have a 3/4 or ton truck? I had a big truck camper like you do and I pulled a 26 ft bumper pull behind a 1 ton dually.. not having a dually will cause a lot...
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    how to ship a cart?

    Yellow Freight. not cheap. but does a good job. have to put it on a pallet and stand it straight up, strap the wheels down with cut tire pieces and tie shafts up with long bungee straps. if you need photos, PM me. I have shipped about 8 carts this way. or call some haulers and ask if they can...
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    Small trailer for hauling cart

    dont get a teeny trailer, might do too much whipping behind. since they are driving an SUV, just get one of those wide platform, expanded, mesh wire racks that goes into the hitch reciever, you know, people put their coolers, lugguge and crap back there on that platform looking thing.. It is...
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    Sioux Falls SD Show Info needed

    email me at [email protected] and I will forward you the premium books for both the A and R shows.
  9. MinisOutWest

    Sioux Falls SD Show Info needed

    emailed you premiums
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    Ugh! Understanding Hay Analysis Results!

    see if this helps you understand easier
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    Ugh! Understanding Hay Analysis Results!

    hope this helps a little •Dry Matter (DM)– This tells you how much of the sample is left after water is removed. It is the moisture or dry matter content of the sample. Hay will generally be about 89 percent dry matter or greater. •Digestible energy (DE) – This is a measure of the digestible...
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    Need Help w/ Blanket

    I have a good friend that just purchased their first mini, and not knowing, the people who sold her the mini- fully body clipped this mini and she is freezing to death, I am getting my friend to order a nice warm Kensington, but she needs to borrow something for a night or two, is there anybody...
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    Alliance Sign on the Dotted Line

    He did pass a few months ago and please honor the privacy of his owner on his passing, it was a very sad thing for him to go thru. Just remember how beautiful of a horse he was. Rest in peace little man.
  14. MinisOutWest

    Paper Stall bedding

    on the website, there is a guy who delivers only, wonder if he could run a load out to a bunch of you if you split it. even call the main office and see if they have a delivery guy. wait till you see how easy it is to clean off the blankets and polar fleece, I just turn on the blower and POOF...