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    Your Drive Day

    Its so fun to see them all hung up together. Maybe something with red? I can't believe was able to drive all 5 horses yesterday. We had a bit of an assembly line. My mom and older son entertained my toddler. Dad would pull out another horse and get them brushed out and ready to be harnessed...
  2. MajorClementine

    Drivin' Thru 2022

    Woo hoo! Drove all 5 today. 40 min Clementine 20 min Perry 25 min Candace 20 min Wally and Blue as a pair
  3. MajorClementine

    Your Drive Day

    Driving tomorrow but... Got my ID tags put on my harnesses and my ribbon hung up in the tack room. I love my ribbons! Thank you @Cayuse for doing these.
  4. MajorClementine

    Your Drive Day

    I've added way to many since this started but am still driving my original mare too. She's a handful but so fun to drive. I think if my first one had been push button I would be a much less confident driver. She tests me every time.
  5. MajorClementine


    Wishing we had gardening weather. Still of and on snow storms. But I've purchased all my seed for this year and will be starting it inside at the end of the month. I need to empty my front planters and totally redo them. They are over grown with grass and the couple of rose bushes I have aren't...
  6. MajorClementine

    Drivin' Thru 2022

    Forgive the double post but I have an announcement :drum roll please: 🥁🥁🥁🥁 Our wonderful @Cayuse aka: Laurie has won a pair of equine fusion jogging shoes for all her hard work here on the driving form. She designs, purchases, and ships out the amazing driving ribbons every year on her own...
  7. MajorClementine

    Drivin' Thru 2022 Finally got my rear in gear and got the 2022 driving hours updated. For those who want to join our spreadsheet just post your driving time on this thread with the name of the horse you are driving and I'll add you...
  8. MajorClementine

    Drivin' Thru 2022

    30 min Candace 15 min Perry
  9. MajorClementine

    Clamp on cart stirrups?

    Thank you!!!
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    Your Drive Day

    Hooray! Another driver. How fun for both of you and Annie that your husband enjoys driving as well. Sorry about being sick. We gave up on testing here too because it takes a week to get an appointment. Just staying home and away from others if we feel ill. Hope you get feeling better soon
  11. MajorClementine

    Drivin' Thru 2022

    Final numbers for 2021 are up. Here they are if you missed them on the 2021 thread.
  12. MajorClementine

    2021 Time to Drive!

    2021 is in the books everyone! Grand total of 256 hours 30 minutes of driving. That is over 10 DAYS of driving non-stop. I put the link below so you can take a look at your own individual times. If you are having a hard time getting it to pull up let me know and I'll get you your times. See you...
  13. MajorClementine

    Drivin' Thru 2022

    Here we go! I've got to finish logging 2021 this week but I figured I'd better start our 2022 driving time thread. Happy driving everyone!
  14. MajorClementine

    Behavior question

    Sounds like a warmblood. They work up instead of down. Most horses work through things and calm down eventually. Some (like my thoroughbreds) work up instead. It's frustrating and often I've had to learn to work around it instead of "fixing" it.
  15. MajorClementine

    Comfy Fit in Dishwasher

    Mine has the leather lining and patent. Bummer... Cleaning by hand for me still.