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    Doggy Boredom Busters

    my 11 month old CHEWER of a rottweiler X Bullmastiff cross loves his nylabones and black kong toys. they have been the ONLY indestructible toys so far. Your pup is a cutie!
  2. laughingllama75

    Hubby's Birthday

    That is awesome! From one MI "geek" to another, I hope he appreciates. Have fun on your date, sounds like it will be fun.
  3. laughingllama75

    New calf with odd growth

    Sorry for the loss, that's too bad. A freak thing for sure. Sorry little guy......
  4. laughingllama75

    New calf with odd growth

    No clue.....I was thinking his intestines when I read it, but thats not what it looks like. I would love to hear what the vet has to say...... cute calf, hope he does ok.
  5. laughingllama75

    Really bummed out :( (Warning long story)

    Oh, that is such a bummer. So sad for her, sad for you.....I hate losing an animal to predators. Aw man.
  6. laughingllama75

    human babies - not among my favorite things

    Hehe. I could look at 900 pictures of your animal baby, but after 2 of a human one......Im planning ways to escape the torture in my head. Do I have kids? No. Do I hate kids? No. I love my nieces and nephews. Just think that babies are....not for me. So no, you are not alone!
  7. laughingllama75

    So whats the meanest thing someone has said to you? I think I have a winner here!!

    That is really crummy. I had an Aunt say to me (as I went to stand on her chair, put hang HER hummingbird feeder up) "Those chairs weren't meant for people YOUR size". I almost fell off said chair......then said "well, I am built just like you, only 2 feet taller". Needless to say....she got...
  8. laughingllama75

    Rest in Peace, Amy

    Marty, I don't get on here very much anymore.....but I always enjoyed your stories and adventures with Amy. I was shocked to read this, and heartbroken. I can still picture her sitting there in a pink t-shirt with a floppy ear, and a big puppy grin on her face. I am so sorry you had yet another...
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    New adventures on the farm!

    We raise our own beef, milk and pork (we do a hog for our friends who do our broilers). It is the best health decision we ever more antibiotics pouring into our body everytime we eat, no more (well, 99% less!) chance of salmonella poisoning from poultry. We love raising...
  10. laughingllama75

    Opinions on "returning" a dog...

    I was in that position.....and I said, Oh H*ll no! My poor dog was so stressed when we got him, it took him about 4 months to adjust. The woman moved out of the country and then moved back 6 years later. Pip was now 14, and failing health. I did not want him to be stressed again in that way. He...
  11. laughingllama75

    Paralyzed Dachshund

    I feel for you. That really stinks. BUT, I can tell you-don't despair. You may never see his tail wag again BUT he can run and play with the others. I have a friend who has a mini dachshund with the same problem. Little Gretchen has a wheelchair, and she does wear a little "diaper". But she...
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    Not mini related but please vote

    I voted. I watched 2 vids, I need to go back later. Some of those were pretty neat.
  13. laughingllama75

    Fans of The Voice?

    This is my first season watching, and I love it!
  14. laughingllama75

    American Horror Story!

    I love that show!!! I will be watching it today, had to DVR it (it's on at 10 pm here....I'm getting to old, lol). I cannot wait for the new season!
  15. laughingllama75

    What is your Nationality?

    My Bio father is mom is greek (her dad came from there) and I was raised Italian (my step dad is). I LOVE to cook italian, my "Gram" spent a lot of time in the kitchen with me. I love to cook greek (love, love love greek food!) and in my adult life I have begun to search out my...