WINNERS POSTED! 6th Annual Christmas Decorating Contest!!!!!!

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Nov 30, 2002
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Announcing Lil Beginnings 6th ANNUAL

GREETINGS to all forum members from my barn in the mountains of Tennessee, the CHRISTMAS DECORATING capital of the world! This is your official Lil Beginnings resident CHRISTMAS Holiday Elf who plays CHRISTMAS Carols all 365 days a year and is now bearing a close resemblance to Mrs. Claus. And speaking of Mrs. Claus, she is the reason why I am here with you today.
It’s beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS isn’t it?
Mrs. Claus paid me another visit and wanted me to ask each and every one of you to join in the CHRISTMAS fun here on LB again this year by entering the 6th Annual CHRISTMAS DECORATING Contest sponsored by Lil Beginnings. While Santa is busy preparing for his flight all around the world, Mrs. Claus wants you to get all your horses, carts, and barns decorated to help welcome Santa and celebrate the season of peace, love, and joy in your hearts.

Your entry fee is CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!

There are two contest categories for you to enter:

This contest will be judged on both horse and barn as one entry. Horse and barn both must be decorated. Decorate your horse as Christmassy as you want and display him/her by your decorated barn, stall, or shelter. Anything goes. Use any props you want for staging. Submit your best picture.

This contest will be judged on both horse and cart as one entry. Your horse must be Christmassy decorated and your cart must be decorated as well. Horse must be hitched up to the cart. If you are in the picture, decorate yourself too! Submit your best picture.

DO NOT USE LAST YEARS PICTURES! not try to trick us using clip art! That will get you an automatic notation on the naughty list faster than you can say "I'VE BEEN A NAUGHTY LOW DOWN DIRTY CONTEST CHEATER SANTA.”
We love videos! So if you want to submit a video to enhance your decorations too that's great, but a picture is still required.
NOTE: If you have won a prize in this contest in the past, you can most certainly enter again!

Here are some general all purpose DECORATING hints and helps: If you don't have a lot of decorations to use, or any extra money to spend on them, not to worry! Oh goodness no. Sometimes less is more. Its not how much stuff you put all over your horse, barn, or cart, it’s how well you use your decorations and place them. Just because a horse, barn, or cart is loaded with gobs and gobs of decorations, does not guarantee a win. Judging is not based on who has the most stuff. If you can’t get an idea of what to do or where to start, look at some CHRISTMAS cards or magazines or CHRISTMAS art work for inspiration. For those driving in parades, that is a perfect time to get some great pictures taken, but be sure the background is not “busy” and loaded up with other people and things so that your picture will be the main focus. Use your decorations wisely, make it pretty and fun!

Just about all CHRISTMAS decorations out there are dangerous fire hazards, choking hazards, or poisonous to horses, so if you plan on leaving any decorations around, make very sure they are way out of the reach of all your animals.

There will be four prizes awarded from Head Elf Debby Bowen, owner of LB that she has chosen for the winners. There will be a first and second prize awarded in each category. The prizes are super nice, nice, nice and something that everyone here would love to have; trust me; but don’t enter the contests for the prizes. Do this for the fun of the season.

You may begin posting your entrees HERE on December 1st. Be sure you label your picture to say which contest you are entering. If you are entering two contests, then hit reply, and post your other picture on the next post so everyone will keep each entry straight. The last day to enter will be December 13th around 8:00 PM Central Time. This is so you will have time to receive your prize in the mail before CHRISTMAS. I will be PM-ing the winners on December 14th for your home address so be sure to be online and look for my PM so you can respond right away.

I will not tell you who the judges are but there will be three of them who are really good at this kind of thing. Two of them are not LB Forum members at all so you can be assured that this judging is very fair and impartial. Please be sure to be a good sport and congratulate all winners.
Have a lot of fun with this contest and MERRY CHRISTMAS to all! - Reply and post your entries below.
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Monet and kristen.jpg

OK, here's a semi blurry pic of Monet and Kristen at the Parade of Lights last Friday! She ahd so many lights the pavement glowed blue! It was awesome!
Entry for Horse and Cart.

We participated in the Clinton, OK parade on Tuesday evening. Gorgous weather! It was our first time to be in that parade and we were definitely crowd pleasers!

The newspaper photographer took these pictures. We were lined up in the parking lot before the parade. My sister and I have our little dogs with us. Bridgette is ponied behind my cart (I'm in the middle). She was garlanded and lit also. And even had bells on her legs.

Here are my sister and friend in the parade. (Rita from Wee Okie: notice Pharoah all dressed up!)

I like to let the float in front get a little ahead so I can trot Dapper Dan and set the sleigh bells jingling. Everyone Ooohhhs with delight when they hear the bells! We were very interactive, allowing children and adults to pet the horses when the parade pace allowed. As usual, the organizers placed us between the Harley Davidson motorcycle group and the Fire Department!

It always surprises me when youngsters ask if our horses are donkeys. Ears???!! Dapper Dan had on his large red horns and several children thought he was a reindeer.
Merry Christmas !

Horses and barn entry

One of the judges called me three times today: "Did you see that and did you see that?" hehe.......

Let's go guys! Decorate your brains out!
Thanks Marsha
My trick is to place buddies together and according to their pecking order, I back them into the spot I want them to stand, tell them whoa, if someone goes to move, I try to catch them as soon as they make the mistake. I can usually get them to wait like this for as long as it takes me to get a good photo, I try to make it quick so it usually doesn't take more than five minutes. I think they figure out that it's easier to stay put than to move. The hard part is getting them to perk up, that's when a helper comes in handy, standing behind me doing interesting things. Lol !

Great photos so far ! Love them !
Thank you to all who entered!

The first place winner for the cart and horse is Field of Dreams! Second place winner is Marsha Cassada!

The winner for decorated horse and barn is Mad for Minis!

Congrats to you and have a very Merry Christmas!
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Thanks so much ! Love this time of year ! I always have fun coming up with new ideas and seeing them come to life, even if temps were below 10 for most of my decorating and picture taking
Wish there had been more entries though, I was looking forward to seeing more beautiful decorated barns and horses :\
Me too! I'm not sure where everyone went this year~ but I hope they get back

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