Why isn't there any AMHA shows in MI?

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Feb 3, 2004
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It seems we have a number of big named farms here.

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How do they gauge interest? No. of registered horses etc.?

We have an AMHR show in Midland, Michigan which is a VERY nice show ground.
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Undoubtedly for the same reason we don't have any in Illinois !!!!! Hope we get an answer.
We don't have any here in Ontario either, and I daresay it's because there isn't the interest in them. There are still many folks who feel very strongly that they want the double registered horses, but no one has stepped up to the plate to put on an AMHA show. Pretty simple, I guess.
Well with the Headquarters of the AMHR in ILL. And the Headquarters for the AMHA is in Texas... I would think that there are WAY more AMHR minis even in MI. They just don't have the numbers or interest for AMHA shows....
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All you have to do is find a location and someone to put it on. Most shows are put on by clubs. If there are no clubs in an area there are usually no shows.

It has become more difficult to find places that are cheap enough to be able to hold a show without it costing an arm and leg. Most people want 2 judges and to be out of the sun. If its a two day show you need decent stalls.
I think the biggest reason is just to have someone (be it club or misc) PUT the show on. As Mistyrose said, it is expensive. Also, it takes ALOT of WORK! Not everyone is willing to do it.

There were shows in Michigan once upon a time, but attendance was so low they died out.

We even went to one that was AMHR then had an AMHA day. The AMHR show was decent sized, but then a bunch of the people left and we ended up with a very poorly attended AMHA day. For those of us in search of World Show qualifying points and tight on funds, those shows had to drop from our radar.
LACK OF PARTICIPATION.... The last AMHA show I went to in Michigan was probably 4 or 5 years ago. I don't think there was more than 30 horses entered in it. I'm sure the club putting it on took a HUGE loss, and I don't imagine they will be in any hurry to do it again. We have tons of minis in the area who are double registered and could be shown in AMHA shows, but the exhibitors just aren't interested for whatever reason. It would be wonderful to see the AMHA shows pick up again.
We were in a similar situation several years ago with DELMARVA MINIATURE HORSE CLUB show in April in Delaware.We had always done an AMHR show then added a 1 day AMHA show.It worked for 1 year or so because big farms with professional trainers came.When they stopped coming entires fell off bad.We lost money for 2 years then dropped AMHA.We now have a very successful 2 day AMHR show and make enough money to give nice trophies and keep our club activities going for the year. In our area an AMHR horse will show in 3.25 classes for each horse and the AMHA horse showed in 1.3 classes per horse.It is just a matter of economics.We had way more AMHR horses in the performance classes and that pays the bills. Mini people are very spoiled and expect covered or indoor arenas. Those things cost big bucks.Big horse people are used to showing outside.If it rains you get wet&when the sun shines bad you get hot and a bad case of sunburn.I'm spoiled too-I like the covered stuff.Good luck getting a show going.
One of the first AMHA shows I ever attended was in Michigan years ago. I showed Nickelodeon in Liberty & he WOW'd everyone & won unanamous First. I wasn't aware that there are no AMHA shows in Michigan anymore. Sad.
We had been to at least one show in Michegan (or very close in Ohio) every year, until this year, since we began showing in 1987. The last show had only 35 horses. Trainers didn't come, but few of the local folks did either. If someone wants to put on a show in Michegan it would take a lot of promotion. Someone would have to provide financial backing and take a risk. That's the real problem. It's a business situation, even if sponsored by a club. It's got to be feasable from a financial standpoint, and 35 horses doesn't do it. I hope the time comes where someone takes the risk again. We always liked going up that way.

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