Where is Gerald & Jowana Olson?

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Nov 4, 2003
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I'm trying to find Gerald and Jowana Olson who use to live in Fairfield, Washington and raised minis at least they did three years ago.

Anyways, when they sold one of their mares with a foal by her side, they forgot to sign all the paperwork. (Transfer of ownership of the live foal) So anyways, now and the foal has grown up and gone unregistered with the AMHR for three years, and is changing homes again without paperwork, and I would like to get this straightened out.

I would appreciate any information on how to contact these people; so I can get this little girls paper work taken care of!

Thank you,

I don't know that the name is familiar, but you could try posting it on [email protected] (have to be a member to post, but it's free and easy!)

Liz M.
I believe that they have moved to Clarkston, Wa. with a unlisted phone number.

Does anyone in that area know them???

(I even have a possible address for them, but would really like to be able to call them or have them call me!)

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