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Nov 17, 2007
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Nova Scotia, Canada
I bought a colt from a "friend" 3 years ago. The paperwork had not been brought up to date on his dam so he was not registered. The dam was sold to another person, this person promised multiple times over the last three years to get the dams paperwork brought permanant and transfered into her name.

I have all the breeding certificate, registration papers, etc.. ready to go for my colt but can't do anything until this person acts. Well I've bred the 3 year old stallion to my mares with the assurance that the paperwork would be ready in time to file a stallion report in January, but now the lady wont answer my texts, messages, emails or phone calls. I'm at my wits end.

Could someone please look up this mare for me and see if she is in the new persons' name or in the old persons name. If you want to send the results to me at my personal email as I've changed emails over the last year, it's [email protected]

Please someone help me through this painful process. I would not be surprised if this lady did send in the paperwork and never bothered to tell me. I'm so done with her, I'll never ever have any dealings with her again. I just want my babies for next year to be registered like they deserve to be. Should never have trusted her, but that is hindsight and does me no good.
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