When you get a sale that goes so right!

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May 7, 2004
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Northern WI
Just a little while ago I posted about "How to Politely Refuse a Sale". Well, this is just the opposite. I sold a mini today--I knew they were good people just from emails and talking on the phone. I emailed them after they left-they had a few hours to drive. I received the most wonderful, wonderful email from them already. I won't go into detail altho I would love to share. It truly brought tears to my eyes
Happy Tears! I won't bug them again YET but if they happen to be "lurking" I would like to say Thank you!! I know he already has a special place in your hearts.
It makes life perfect eh? So far (knock wood) I have been so happy with each buyer I've dealt with. I get updates and info and it makes me so happy. Robin at Romundero(sp) in Pa just let me know my Feather has a lovley filly. She's adorable and a pretty cocoa color! Just made my day!

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