Wheeee! The Filly Fairy Was HERE!

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Jun 8, 2005
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My one and only foal of the year arrived this morning between 6 and 7am. A petite 18" silver bay filly with a HUGE star (surprised me, as her dam only has a couple white wisps on her forehead.) Momma mare went 351 days but the birth was quick and easy.

I have to admit I get very emotional about my homebreds. This is a third generation foal out of two horses I held as foals, and the first from Al (the sire) who is 15 this year. We lost his sire two years ago, and his big brother owned by another forum member went over the bridge last year, so I figured it was now or never. I actually came to the forum about this breeding last year--so it's you guys' baby too! I am crying as I type this and have been crying off and on all morning. I'm such a horse dork.

I would like to thank zoey829 for sending the filly fairy our way--as promised she was back on the road this morning!

EDITED to add a couple quick photos. She's only a few hours old and is still learning how to use everything but of course is trying hardest to muster the energy to kick me.



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She sounds adorable!!! Pictures???
Awww--those are happy tears. And maybe they come easier when one has been on mare stare.

Congrats on your wee girl.
Congrats! Look forward to pics when you can......
Very pretty. Congratulations.
A big warm congratulations to you! I can imagine the joy at having your very own baby! Cry as many tears as you like because she is gorgeous! Silver bay too!!! One of my very favorite colours.

She's super precious. I LOVE both her mum and dad too.

All the best for a fun time ahead with the little lady,

xox Leonie xox
Oh Tiff, she is a doll. Congrats, I know how much you love your babies............
She's beautiful! Congratulations! I'm a horse dork too, I don't know anyone who cries over horses as much as I do. (pretty much every day) They are worth every tear!

I'm so happy you got your filly!!!
Thanks everybody! The rest of the broodmare herd has adopted her through the fence and follows her everywhere she goes (I thought they were going to mutiny when I put the pair in for the night), so she's going to be very spoiled in all respects. I'm still borderline about her name, but she's one of the stoutest little fillies we've had in years, so I've jokingly been calling her Miss Piggy.

I hope everyone else's foaling seasons are as satisfying!
Big Congrats on your sweet babydoll!!

I love her!!

Give her lots of (((HUGS)))

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