Whats your opinons of this filly.

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Nov 30, 2002
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I have been known to be a bit barn blind. But I am getting better at being able to pick out a horses faults. I relize she is just a baby as well. I do love this filly. She is very personable yet stubborn(maybe takes after her trainer??

I showed her is past week, at a small show. She did take a Jr. Reserve Grand against yearlings and 2 year olds. Now if she would just stand still it would help.



Heres a head shot. Her ears are not clipped at all, but they really are not that big!


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I think she is gorgeous. Love the legs, perfect top line in my opinoin and color to boot.


I like this filly VERY much Ashley! I see nothing at all wrong with her--pretty head, nice length of neck & looks like the neck is set on quite nicely; She's got a level topline but not to an extreme, good hip...long legs....beautiful movement.

Sounds like she has some attitude too, & I consider that a plus. Oh, she's got beautiful coloring too--the white is in the right places to not distort or detract from her conformation.
[SIZE=14pt]I also like her alot and she well deserved the Jr Championship.... remember grands are only the last championship for all ages between the champion and reserve Jr horse and Sr. horse. Im only clarifying here because new people that we have had ask about Hall of Fame might get confused .[/SIZE]

As you know, I'm hardly an expert at conformation, especially withh foals...that said, I think I've learned pretty well from all my reading on the subject, way back before I had my own horses...so...

She is really nice! The flow of shoulder into neck into throatlatch really makes it or breaks it for me, and she certainly has it there. My eye is drawn right up her beautiful neck into that sweet face. Her topline is excellent, and those long legs are sweet!

(And that is the type personality I just love...)

I look forward to seeing her develop and mature...I bet she just keeps getting better!
I really like this filly! Congrats on your winnings!

I think this filly is just awesome!

I remember when you initially posted her pictures, I was blown away by that first one - absolutely stunning!!!

I hope my baby is just as pretty...
She is a super nice filly, Ashley... are you taking her to Nationals?

Suzy Hooper

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Fresno, CA
No, Im not going to nationals neither is she. She actually isnt mine anymore
However she does belong to a friend of mine, and we do plan takeing her out next year. If we have a good run maybe to nationals. I know she wants to hit the pinto worlds or whatever its called with her next year.


SHe has one more show this year then she will be just a baby. She is a big girl, all 30" of her at 3 months.
She's absolutely, hands-down......STUNNING!

Hooray for you.....breeding and showing such a beautiful filly, Ashley! Truth be told, I think your avatar horse should be in a Dun Painted pasture! LOL!

Thanks for sharing.....she's a gem!

Dun~ Sorry thats my little Lexy, she isnt going anywhere at least this year. Next year I do need to make some decisions thou as I have to sell one more horse. Just not sure who.
Hi Ashley!

Will you keep me in mind if you ever decide to sell Lexi....she is very beautiful and exactly what I'd like to produce in terms of color pattern.

Do you remember my bay pinto filly out of Neon Moon that you mentioned carries the sabino gene? Well, she has so much potential that my lack of experience/time would hinder from fully blossoming that I sold her to my friend in Florida with three horse-crazy daughters. They have plans to show her, then train her to drive when she's mature enough.

Take care.


She is adorable!!

She looks like a little halter horse.

She certainly has that "Look at ME!!!" additude!!!
Well, though none of the photos, IMO, really offers the best possible view in order to do an evaluation from photos--I will say that I am impressed with what I can see of her from those photos!! She looks like a VERY nice filly, Ashley--and I don't say such things lightly....Congrats--you were the breeder, right?

One word she is wonderful. You got a little winner there.

I went out and talked to some of the little boys here and they said "yes she can leave her halter on their stalls".


I saw her at the fair and I personally really liked her. Was the pinto mare you were showing her dam? Because I liked her as well, she was a good little jumper despite being a mommy
Simpley put.....you are NOT being barn blind!


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