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Nov 30, 2002
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Southern, NJ
The Scenario: You're browsing a craft fair and you see decoupaged pieces, be it frames, wood pieces etc......

What do you consider "beautiful and eye catching"?

What do you look for in pictures or artwork that makes you go "ahhh"?

I'd like some insight and opinions on your likes and dislikes.

This will be very helpful for me! Thank you in advance!
I usually go to craft faires in October, looking for holiday gifts that I can give to friends and family. I usually look for scented soaps or yummy smelling candles. I also look for unusual "antique" looking things - could be old horse figurines, antique glasses or stemware. That's just a start - I'm sure others will have things to add!

Liz R.
Images that invoke emotions whether it be sweetness like between a mother & its young,

humor such as an exaggerated expression or just vibrant colors with simplicity such as silhouettes.
Craftsmanship. The piece must be finished out, no cutting corners. From there its just what catches my eye.
Our Mountaineer Harvest Festival is this weekend. Craftsmenship is amazing. I always bring home something. I usually keep an eye out for Christmas gifts, something different and Halloween and Christmas decorations.

What I think is beatiful would be wildlife, nature, like a doe and her mother, I'm a sucker for that. Don't need any of other people's dogs or horses because I have plenty of my own, but something that you don't see everyday but would like to, chipmonk gathering his nuts for winter, sunsets, rainbows, scenery, things like that.
decoupaged pieces, be it frames, wood pieces etc......
sheet music on yellowed aged paper

pressed flowers

meaninful words cut from a poem or story

bright colorful stick figures of children

meaningful poems

beach things like muted pictures of sand buckets or seashells

hand drawn animal or children caricatures
I am a sucker for anything with pics of Old Barns not the new shiny kind but old barns with character. and the framing can be any thing complementary. Barn board would be nice, weathered.
I'm a sucker for frames!!! I love the ones that have a bunch of different pics or themes pasted on a frame. Tells a story to me. Then you add your own picture and it all fits! I've gotten some with words or brightly colored. And I'm big on anything that looks antiqued (sanded and stained edges, imperfections). They just fit well in my house.
Okay, I'm a sucker for crafts!!!!

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