Whats my jenny doing this for

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Nov 30, 2002
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I'm new to donkeys but from my horse experience, I'd say Blackie may not be bred or am I wrong? If she's bred, it's for a late baby. Lately my donkeys seem to be restless, must be spring coming. The other day, Blackie jumped up on her own jenny baby, and bit her neck and rode her like that for a short distance. Do you think she's coming in heat or is in heat or why would she do that? The babies are 5 months old now and will be coming out to be weaned very shortly, in case you're wondering why her baby is still with her. She doesn't look bred yet at all.
Marnie, my jennys usually start jumping on each other when they are coming into heat. I would think that is why your jenny is jumping on her own baby. My donkeys seem to be getting pretty darn restless too. spring definitely must be in the air! Corinne

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