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Nov 30, 2002
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Sorry I'm late! Been at the doctor's all day long (sigh) and got diagnosed with Strangels. (Strept throat & ear infection)......gee whiz . I told my quarter horse breeding doctor that I was at a show and sharred a public water troff.
She said to me: "Why do I get the feeling that this is a good possibility?" (giggles)

Ok anyway, this weekend I am going to be doing even more baths! It is supposed to be the hottest weekend we will have yet, and I don't plan on my horses having a heat stroke. So I'll be out there running the hose left and right, and doing what I can to keep them comfortable.

My farrier is three weeks late due to an injury he had and my horses feet are horribly long, so if possible, I'm going to try to atleast rasp something off of them.

Going to clip bridle paths too and take some pictures.

Stay safe, stay cool, hug your horses and God Bless!

So whatchadointhisweekend?
I am taking the truck in for the oil change....then doing my daily 2 mile walk....and then when I get home I believe I have more yardwork to do, ...still trying to catch that up.... Just made a new flower bed/rock garden out front...not sure that is the proper term....but I have an oak wine barrel that my dad cut down for me....it looks like a stair step planter now...and I want to get that moved & plant something in it. I have new Iris Rhizomes to plant so they will bloom next year...and of course I need to spend quality time with my horsies..... whew.....that made me tired thinking about it. The best news is that the hard part of the rock bed is done......we put white rock (it's sparkly) down instead of dirt or mulch....so the front beds will be strictly for containers..... If (and that is a big if) it turns out nice, I will take a pic to post later...... Oh I am also picking out paint colors to paint the house.....much to the hubbies chagrin...he hates to paint apparently.....but I frankly have lived in a pink house with mauve & maroon trim for 9 years....(thank you former owner & landlady)..... time to change.....

My wonderful husband and I are off tomorrow morning headed to Reno! Hope to meet some great people take in a great show and finally get to see my boy PHANTOM!! Longer than just 5 seconds this time

Have a great & safe weekend everyone!
We're laying GeoTec and pea gravel in the boys stable area....hot hot hot work...clipping the llamas and the medicine hat twins..
My week vacation from work starts Sat
I will be cleaning stalls and clipping bridle paths. Also trying how to figure out how to make my own jumps.
As usual, trying to do too many things...

I got an early start on the weekend today. I gave Mingus a bath to get him ready for the county fair tomorrow, then went to visit with my cousin (visiting from DC), sister and brothers at a favorite pub in Portland.

I'll be up at the crack of dawn to get Mingus to his show, and should be done with that by around 10:00 or so

I'll hopefully have time to stop in at our neighbor's big shindig/horseshoe tournament.

Then Keith and I have a gig Satuday evening at a floating restaurant in Scappoose, Mark's On the Channel.

Finally, on Sunday, I need to get some of my plants in the ground, then it's up to my sister's/mother's for their annual Blueberry Festival (they hand you a bowl of ice cream and you go out and pick fresh blueberries to put on it. Yum!

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