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If you owned Trailfeathers Not A Moment Too Soon, what would you show him in?

  • 1..Halter

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  • 2..Obstacle

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  • 3..Jumping

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  • 4..In-Hand Trail

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  • 5..Liberty

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  • 6..Driving

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  • 7..Combination (if so, please list specifically which ones)

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Jun 7, 2005
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South Carolina
Don't forget that he has a tail-flagging trot, great movement, and a great disposition! I just thought that I'd show some pictures and a head shot is in my avatar.

Depending on the level you are showing (local, registry, etc.), I'd possibly show him in EVERYTHING depending on if you like to show in everything and if he enjoys it... and if there was some kind of high point award I was after where all classes count. Some of my personal favorites because I like them are showmanship and obstacle.
[SIZE=14pt]I would show him in everything but halter. even showmanship because they judge you not his conformation.[/SIZE]


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