What wormer do you use on your mini donkeys?

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I have always used the same wormer I do for my mini horses: either strongid or ivermectin according to weight. I have a little 6 month old jennet that was just wormed along with my mini horses with zimectrin to make sure you get rid of those nasty bot worms. I worm every 8 weeks; rotating my wormer. I know alot of folks are worming with the zimectrin gold, but so far we don't have any problem with tapeworm, so I haven't paid the extra for the gold. What color is your little guy?

I do the same rotational worming with my donkeys as I do with the horses. zimectringold, strongid, rotectin2, and back to a ivermectin product. Corinne
I've been using Ivermecting most of the time, and rotating in Exodus (they really like the apple flavor of it) and doing something for tapes once a year
Thanks guys. Hot Shot is a overo jack, his picture is on here in another thread

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