What to do about warts?

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Aug 16, 2006
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Sagle, Idaho
My yearling colt has warts on his nose and I was wondering whats the best way to get rid of them? What have you done? Any opinions and advice appreciated! Thanks!

They usually go away on their own but if you don't want to wait, you can try cutting a raw potato in half and rubbing it. It will cause it to fall off. It usually works.
They are very common, and will go away without doing anything. I have never had them recur either.
If they are persistant lil beggers, you can get a naturel wart paint or use the homeopathic remedy Thuja.

Had a particulary persistant strain here one year and the combination of the above had them gone within a week
My Vet taught me years ago that trauma will get rid of warts as quickly as anything just put on a rubber glove and pull them off. Sounds mean but it works and they won't come back.
I have a yearling filly that has had them for oh - 9 months now. I finally called my vet 4 weeks ago and asked himn to look at them just to make sure they were still warts.

They are, and I tried all the home remedies, they just spread all over her muzzle and nose.

I did look up here for a couple of the threads and did some research myself. I got a product called Zylexis, its from Pfizer and it is a prescription. It's three shots you have to give. But I tell you, within a week the warts were gone!

I will caution you, unless you are really set on showing or selling the horse, let it go away naturally. I only chose to do the Zylexis because I wanted to make sure the warts were gone to show.

The other thing I will say, warts are spreadable. So don't house the horse with anyone else who isn't over 3.

I will also add that there are different strains of warts. So what home remedy may work on one type, will not work on another. They Zylexis is supposed to be good all around.
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We bought a two year old that had warts. The vet recommended

we rub each one daily with Crest toothpaste. Took about 10 days to two

weeks and they fell off and he never had another one....
I had a horse awhile back that had them all over his nose. They were so thick you couldn't get your finger in between them to touch his nose. My vet told me to try castor oil. So I tried rubbing it on them but nothing happened, so I thought it needs to get to the root of them, so I took a eye dropper and started at the top and just let it run down and did this everyday and OMG after a few days they started to fall off.
It is caused by a virus. Generally young horses are susceptible to it, and can be contagious. Sometimes they get one wart, and sometimes they get a nose full of warts. Generally their immune system kicks in and fights them until they are gone.

I have heard that if you crush a couple of them, it spreads the virus a little faster throughout the horses' systems and they fight the virus off faster.


Yes generally you can do that. But there seems to be a couple strains that that doesn't even work.
The little ones we either pick off (and wash hands after) or let nature take its course. They don't come back. The big ones we've used human wart remover on, but that was if we were planning on showing. Again, they do eventually go away.
I did what Disneyhorse said and I couldn't beleive it a week later she only had one....however now her baby has a few tiny ones...so back to the drawing board...she had them for 8 months before I crushed one or 2 and the finally all died..
Its best to just let them be. Is it worth the pain of taking a set of pliers (yes, people have told me to use pliers!) to their nose, just to make them look better? They will go away on their own with time.
Thanks so much guys for all the advice, I won't put my baby through any pain as we don't have any shows or anything where we would need them gone. Thanks again for all the advice! I really appreciate it!


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