What Kind of Saddle Should Peanut Have?

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Nov 30, 2002
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Spotsy., VA (USA)
I am posting this for Dixie_Belle / Shelley
These are her horses and her message


[SIZE=10pt]The largest, darkest pinto is Spot. I already have a 12" saddle for him. [/SIZE]

The black one is Fluffy. He is way too high strung for a saddle, although he is gorgeous.

The lightest pinto is my new little guy, Peanut. He is very calm and sweet and is like a little puppy dog, he'll follow you anywhere, do anything you ask. He would make a great therapy horse as he is very small and calm. When I retire in a year or two, I'll start working seriously with him to get him used to cars, noise, etc.

What kind of saddle would be best for Peanut?

Thank you,





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