What keeps you inside??

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Nov 3, 2006
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Okanagan, British Columbia
Weirdest question ever, but I really want to know.

I feel that whenever its raining, windy, or looks like its about to pour; and I had planned on working with my horses, I don't want to anymore!! Especially when it comes to driving, it happened once. Got all tacked up, the sky looked like I had about half hour to hour of no rain. Got in the cart and it started to pour
You can just see it can't you, the teenager sitting in her cart with a fluffy white mini, sitting in the rain.

ANYWAYS, what does everyone else think, does a black sky stop you from that training time?? It makes me made, because I think I should really go out and work, I need it, but who wants to work in that sort of weather??
If its raining, I'm not training; as I do not have a dry place to work. And, I can be bad about working in too cold of temps and too warm of temps; this summer I'm going to try to suck it up and get it done, I have lots of work to do and want to get it done.
Rain and mud...that keeps me inside combined with the cold.

If I can't keep upright on my feet in the mud (most of our property is hillside), then I sure dont' need to be schooling horses other than things like ground manners, which are easy enough to fit in in between downpours most days.

does a black sky stop you from that training time??

Well of course it does

I don't feel like getting poured on anymore than my horses do
It will stop any driving of course but we have an indoor arena so no, it doesn't stop round pen work at all. The driving horse just gets his workout there instead of in the cart.
[SIZE=12pt]I'm a puss about weather~LOL I don't LIKE being wet, cold I don't mind too much, but cold & wet, not so much~LOL It's also more about getting 2 kids dressed for the bad weather (although Mia is awesomely self sufficent at getting ready to go out) and keeping Zac from landing face first in freezing puddles.[/SIZE]

Steve on the other hand can work all DAY outside in 30 degree RAINING weather and be happy as a clam...he's so weird~LOL
Rain keeps me inside, unless I want to just sit out and visit with the boys. Today it's the high winds. They don't respond as well when the wind is high and everything is a little more "spooky".

No, really ..i can deal with the cold, i can deal with the rain, i can deal with the snow, i can deal with the wind, but i CANNOT deal with the heat! I still do everything i normally would, but spend much more time inside by the tv with the AC on high
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Thats something about myself I LOVE, I can be out working in 38C (not the horses, I wait till night with that temp) and not be hot, I just don't feel the heat.

I do like to take a dip in a pool or lake after though!!
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Rain will keep me from enjoying the horses but maybe not from sitting down in the stall with one -- and now especially with these foals we have

I did not learn to ride until I was an adult... I didn't have my first horse until I was an adult. They day I learned to canter wasn't on one of my own two big boys but on an awesome school horse named Gus. CKC / Kim here knew and loved that boy as well. I remember I finally "got it" and it started to rain. My instructor was in the round pen working another horse and I was in the riding ring cantering on Gus and we both stayed out like 10-15 minutes in the rain just enjoying what we were doing.
Well, I don't (or at least seldom) show, so that pressure is absent to condition and train, but as far as driving or working the horses, wind/rain/extreme heat/extreme cold/mud all keep me from doing anything more than normal chores. My theory is that the term "pleasure horse" covers the whole process. If it isn't a pleasure, wait till it is!
Oh what good timing this post is... the older I'm getting the more the extreme cold and the extreme heat seem to bother me. I also, HATE bees and flies. Just today I had two bumble bees get in a fight and landed in my HAIR! I actually, love being out in the rain in the barn(we have a metal roof), but don't do much with the horses outside. We had a mare(miniature) that would colic every time we had severe weather. There was one time that we(vet, my husband and I) were out in her run in stall(didn't have a barn then) during a hail storm with potential for tornados.

Yes Jill I remember Gus. I sure do miss him. I would loved to have had him at my place. I just wish Moxie was older and well trained like him.

I used to work in light to medium rain... my horses did not mind and once I was out in it and dress for it.. I did not mind either. Heck.. my horses have a choice of being out of the rain or not. Only one that will go in is my Donkey. Others will only ...if it hails... hard.

Now a days however..... if the weather is yucky..or I have to time it between down pours... I don't. Work or play with the horses that is.

I paint, spend wayyy too much time on the computer, read, play with kittens... etc...
Oh definitely rain...and also high on my list would be heat and humidity, cold and wind, and a frozen ground.

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