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Nov 30, 2002
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After the post about sharing on's experiences and hard-learned equine knowledge, I've been thinking about the many things I've learned here on this forum. What an amazing resource! I truly wonder about my horses' well being had I not discovered this font of knowledge.

(SIDE BAR: I am not dispensing advice, nor would anyone else be who chooses to share some of the things they have learned here. Mary Lou, if you feel otherwise, I'll understand, but I hope people can share what this forum has meant to them)

Here are just a few things I learned right here on the forum:

In nutrition and health, minis are not always the same as big horses

Minis are extremely sensitive to bute

Quest should not be given to minis

Beet pulp is a good thing (sorry, Martha)

A hay belly/pear shape does not equal a fat horse, but more likely a malnourished one

Expensive supplements are not always better than the simple, inexpensive ones

The birth sack of a mini is just as thick as that of a full-size horse

(just one reason to closely monitor mini foalings)

Mini teeth have not downsized at the same rate as their jaws

...another reason for careful dental care

Minis still need full-size vaccinations

Yogurt works wonders for loose poops

How to check sand levels to prevent sand colic

Signs of impending colic

Never tie a horse with a rope halter

These are just the things that first came to mind...and do not represent a fraction of what I have l earned here.

So, I'm curious...what have you learned?
I think the one major thing I had not run across before was ULCERS and how to recognize them...........

This was not something I had ever had mentioned until this board......and explains alot about those occasional bellyaches that do not present as colic

I have gotten lots of great tips on carts/driving/and what to look for in equipment

mostly I have learned that there are alot of people out there who also think these little horses are just plain fun

I have also.....on the flip side......heard some of the most bizarre and unthinkable treatments for things.........and have heard some of the most unusual idea's on horsekeeping ever
Well alllllrighty then......great Susanne!

1. Quest wormer

2. no bute

3. ulcers who knew?

4. RED BAGS!!!!!! My Missy would have been dead for sure had I NOT known what to do by READING and LEARNING and being HELPED by others experiences!

5. nutrition for sure!

6. enamas

7. colic

8. proper meds

9. wounds

10. how and who to turn to in a panic? Forum & VET in that order usually!

11. how to make friends and empathize with others

12. patience with new comers and those who think they know it all, they're still family, sigh.

I'm sure there are countless more but without my forum family I would be very alone in my mini world. I love laughing and crying and teasing and getting mad with this family of Lil Beginnings. My life is much richer for the friendships and aquaintances I have made. many of you know what I mean.

Gosh I love you guys!
Of the things not already mentioned...

I've never pastured or had to deal with other than stalled horses so I found it very interesting that red maple/cherry leaves are poisonous, grass with frost or dew has a different sugar content than the same grass later in the day, clover makes them drooly and of course how prone minis are to stife problems, the suble nuances of beet pulp
. I'm sure there are others but my pain pills are fouling up my memory today.
One of the main things I've learned is the vast diversities of "people", and what a treasure that truly is.

Another, is that no matter how much I have learned, there is still SO MUCH MORE that I need to learn.

With regard to the one common thread among us "mini folk", as far as caring for our horses, and other pets too...

Are how to nip it in the bud with proud flesh wounds...I remember when my Classy was injured and proud flesh began to form, and you all helped and within days it was completely gone! And to this day there is no evidence that it ever happened. I will always be grateful to you all for helping in your advice that not only helped excel her healing process, but NO SCARRING was left behind from it too. THANK YOU for that!

Also, recently, I've learned of the dangers of fescue infested pastures for pregnant mares.
Also, how to care for mares who have lost their foals.

Gosh, soo sooo much more...to type it all would take way to long. Just am so very grateful for such giving and caring people to turn to in time of need....isn't that what this country was built upon???

I just read the other thread...it deeply saddens me, not just on the level of what a loss, GREAT LOSS it would be for not only fellow mini folks in sharing and caring for our horses and one another..but...gosh...this kind of threat goes wayyyyy deeper I feel. It's an attack on the very fibers of the essence of Americanism.

To not be able to give a helping hand in the only way one can contribute, out of friendship and caring...such a deeply tragic loss to society as we know it.

I could say more on this...but... <sighs>...I'd likely be stepping into another pile of poo myself...again.

Resting on prayers...
It's all I know...I'm sorry.
The list could be very long, but I'll go with the top 5 or so that I've learned since coming to LB forum.

1. Mini people are some of the most helpful and friendly horse people I've met.

2. no Quest wormer

3. no bute (or at least be super extra careful with the dosages)

4. ulcers - didn't know horses got them, until I read it here many times.

5. Red Bag foals

6. nutrition - the importance of protein (it's not the villian of equine nutrition), the fact there are as many successful feeding programs as there are members, beet pulp

7. minis are like potato chips... You can't stop at just one.

8. I had another on the tip of my tongue and lost it.
What has this forum taught you?, That you hadn't heard elsewhere?

The Forum introduced me to

MTG for hair loss and mane and tail growth, for which I am eternally grateful (my nose doesn't agree, but too bad!)

coat colors (champagne, agouti, dun, creme and silver) and patterns (sabino, splash, overo and tobiano)--I had no idea how much I didn't know. I am now much more fluent in colorspeak and enjoy imparting wisdom (often unsolicited) to vet students when they come out to my place and fellow veterinarians

more ways than I thought possible for minis to get themselves in trouble/injured/killed. Nothing like having an international data base.

alfalfa that has frost/frozen standing in the field is fatal to grazing cattle

and friends all over the place
Dr. Pam said:
coat colors (champagne, agouti, dun, creme and silver) and patterns (sabino, splash, overo and tobiano)--I had no idea how much I didn't know. 

Dr. Pam, Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is exactly what I couldn't remember to put in my post.
So much of what's listed above, and more...

The best thing I've learned here though is that I'm not alone.

In the worst of times, I have dozens of shoulders and ears right here on this list. I've met many of the LB'ers in my neck of the woods, and they've become my friends. They've even come to my house in the middle of the night to haul my pony (oh, yes, they've accepted me even though I'm one of those nutty Shetland people

This is a wonderful group of people, and there's a lot of valuable knowledge here too!
Oh gosh...so many things I could go on forever...but, I will list a few that really stick out in my mind...

1) Foal Lac Pellets...I have saved two orphaned foals with this

2) Quest wormer

3) different types of hays, grains, supplements, etc.

4) I thought you only had to worm a horse...didn't know you had to rotate wormers.

5) Colors in miniatures

6) I have a NON HORSEY family...so, even with frustration some times..I know this is the place I can come to and share my high times and my low times...and everyone is there to share with you.

7) When someone is in need....look how the people on this forum pull together...it amazes me sometimes.

So, many things ..some have been listed in previous post...and some I know I will think of after I hit reply..lol
I would have to put at the top of my list --

RED BAG births! It could not have been a coincidence that there was so much info about it just before our very first one happened to US -- after years of foaling! Because of reading about it on the Forum, Larry and I saved our one and only (so far) Red Bag Foal.

Other info we've learned about over the years on here include -- Quest Wormer, Foal Ulcers, and Coat Colors.

There is a lot more but it's getting late here and I'm fuzzy from being tired.....all I know is that this Forum has been invaluable!

Yes...that is an important one I forgot...Red bag delivery...even thought I have never had one...I know with what I have learned on the forum...I would be prepared...( as much as you can prepar for these things)
I have learned the specifics of more than I can list here. This forum as THE MOST valuable tool/training/education/learning experience I have ever had!

And it has saved the lives of many of my horses even ones in the care of a vet. Thank fully my vet has listened to what I have heard on here and acted upon it.

I learned a lot from folks here but the best thing I found was that when times were tough and the "outside world" did not understand about dealing with the loss of a horse or a dog, friends here were always waiting with a hug and words of encouragement.


Silversong Farm
One thing that wasn't mentioned here that I learned was
" I didn't kill my new baby"

When I picked her up and she went limp in my arms, That miniatures have a tendancy to do this when they are foals, just passing out.
But I thought I had killed her just by picking her up.
What a relief.
Oh yea! Good one SandyS, I had 2 fainters this year and if I hadn't "known" I would have just died myself.
Well I'm new here, and I'm sure I could add to the list but I will sound redundant!

I am curious about the rope halters though. Why should horses not be tied in them? I use them for training, but I do tie lightly in them (I never leave a horse alone tied, and I always loose-tie because I hate for stuff to get broken

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