What grass seed to plant in pasture??

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Mar 24, 2024
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We are getting two miniature donkeys in a couple weeks. We built a barn for them and much of their pasture area got destroyed in the process and a lot of fill dirt was hauled in. We may eventually breed them so I know to stay away from fescue. Can anyone provide a link to good grass seed for a mini donkey pasture? I need to buy enough to seed about an acre. Also, when trying to find hay and straw for my donkeys, what should I specifically be asking for? TIA!
Fescue (lawn grass) is fine as long as it's been treated for fungus. Ensure the seed states that. Also, stay away from alsike clover.

Ideal diet for donkeys is 3/4 barley straw and 1/4 old, mature hay. Dry lot and controlled feeding is going to keep your donks far healthier than pasture; although, a bit of turnout for an hour or so occasionally when the grass is tall and old is not going to harm them. Please don't use pasture as your primary feed for donkeys.

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