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Dec 8, 2002
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Hey Everyone,

Well we filled out the form for coat color testing and pulled the mane hairs so we will know officially soon. But in the meantime wanted your opinions. Here are new pics of Bad Bad taken just today. We registered him as a sorrel appaloosa with both AMHA and AMHR and in the spring he shed out a bright red color so we thought that was correct. But now that he has been out in the sun he looks very diluted. Not sure if he is sorrel or palomino or maybe silver buckskin?



Any opinions would be appreciated. It should only take about a week to get color results back so we will post the results when they come in. Dad is a palomino blanketed appaloosa and mom is a black and white appaloosa.

What is your guess? Mine guess this week is palomino.... LOL.

Ginny Long

P.S. Please don't mind the Billy Idol hair do. He's not being shown this year and basically is learning how to be a stallion with his own herd of mares (don't tell him but they were bred by Legacy and confirmed in foal before they were put in with him). He's only 27" and his girls are all mostly around 34" and he looks so funny out in the pasture with them because he's such a shrimp, but he loves them all and they have taught him manners... :)
I don't know anything about color, but I do want to say he looks really good! He's so pretty, and he's maturing really great!

He's cute, wish he were mine. I like color and odd markings. My Appy gelding is black with a gray butt that has white and black spots on it. I'm not sure what color yours is , but pretty would do me fine.

I would guess a silver bay appy. Look at the base of the mane! It is dark in your second picture. This is a BIG clue as to silver acting on black. Also, it is hard to tell because he is clipped, but does he looks like he has chocolate points on his front legs in that first picture. Of course you will know about the cream gene from the tests. I hope you also tested for Augoti (bay) as that would tell you much more.

He is cute though!
Hi Ginny, I'm going to say silver bay..........even in his baby pics I didn't see sorrel there........I have alot of silver stuff around here so I'm getting pretty good at it
I have figured out that the silver bay color can be tricky
So My vote is silver bay
I have always said this Colt is Silver based- a pale Silver Bay- is there any chance of Dun in there as well??? (I am thinking of Jill's mare who had everyone guessing
Not sure of color,

but you sure need a better reason than that NOT to show him!!!!!!!!!

Man girl!!!!!!! Better send him here so I can get him back in the ring.
I would say silver something too. I have a couple of silver bays and their manes will stick straight up like that too. The hair is very course/stiff at any length. Also the darker color at the roots.

27" huh? A tiny boy. Is he two now? Gee time sure does fly..........
He is an unsual color thats for sure....but he is also very cute! Love his Punk Rocker mane.
[SIZE=14pt]Im going to say silver chestnut.... I know thats weird but....[/SIZE]

I know nothing about color, but I sure had to wipe the drool of my keyboard!! He is GORGEOUS!
He sure is an exciting color puzzle! I would also say he has a silver gene in him by looking at his smokey points on the legs and the base of his mane. Your color test will tell you whether it's only the silver gene diluting his color or if he also has a cream gene working as well! He sure is neat!

We have a stallion that has tons going on with him as well! He has the silver gene, a dun gene, a cream gene....AND he's a pinto!

I've always figured that BadBad was a silver-something. I can't decide if he looks more silver bay or silver buckskin or silver chestnut though. I can't wait to hear what his color tests come back to say!
My guess is either a claybank dun or palamino or probably a combination of the two. His blanket is probably masking a dorsel stripe.
i was thinking silver buckskin (dark). he could be a light silver bay too but he seems more golden to me like a buckskin.....jennifer
Oh, yeah, definitely looks silver bay or silver buckskin in those picks. He is such a handsome boy!
Right now he is a snowcap pattern but he will roan out as he ages to a red roan.

Well it will be interesting to see what the color results come back as. We have owned and bred palominos, buckskins and silver bays but none of them looked the same as Bad Bad so who knows... LOL.

Beth... Bad Bad is only a yearling now at 27" (he's actually15 months) so he will probably mature around 29" or so... maybe a little more or maybe a little less.... :)

Thanks for all the input. I'll post the results when they come in!

Ginny Long

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