Anyone feed CA Trace?

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Abby P

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MHT Supporter
Nov 29, 2020
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New England
I'm thinking of switching away from the ration balancer to try to save a bit more calories, and it seems that this is one of the better mineral supplements that also comes as a pellet (necessary for me since I'm not able to wet his feed to mix in a powder). I figure it will save about 300 calories a day which could make a difference in keeping his weight in a better place. Generally he's not a picky eater (rather the opposite) but of course he'd easily be able to avoid eating the pellets if he wanted to since they'll just be mixed with a couple of other pelleted supps and a handful of dry timothy pellets.
I use it and love it! One bag is going to last me a few years because of how little we have to feed. The girls can be picky and they don't even mind it. We have the powder.

They seem very healthy and fulfill3d on the trace, far better than they ever were on the ration balancers. Of course I also give them a few other things, but I wouldn't have made the switch off of balancer without California Trace.

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