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Oct 12, 2004
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Le Grand, Iowa
June 7, in Webster City, Iowa is the annual miniature horse sale that many of us midwest folks like to attend and bring home a few new minis. This year I hope that both Larry and I will get to attend as we have three mares yet to foal and one of us may be "grounded". It would be fun to meet some new folks too. From what we understand there will be many nice minis there this year. I am hoping there will be some appy breeders or those that like that appys that we will get to meet. So, any of you going? (like to meet non appy folks too!) Lavonne
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I'm pretty sure I'll be attending this year, Lavonne. Hope to meet another forum members or 2, though I think I've maybe met most of the LB people that might be there.

Maybe people need to walk around with name tags with their forum name?

I will be going, selling my miniature horse trailer there. I won't be bringing any horses home, however am hoping to bring home a new buggy, cart or wagon. Everyone else please sit on your hands so I can afford them. LOL

Hey, Lavonne! We'll be there with our two mares. Have begun clipping and getting them ready.

Looking forward to a chance to visit and browse the vendors for some new halters and leads.

Lavonne.........I have to tell you Exotica and Santiago looked great at the Sioux Falls show, and I think those Timberview kids did pretty well! You can certainly be proud of them.
OT, but who's going to tell us about the Sioux Falls show results.....I'm waiting.

Oh, Rose and Aaron, I forgot I need to bathe and clip our mare too that we are selling! Yikes! Where does the time go? We just got her bred to Awesome so guess I better get around and clip too! Thanks for the nice compliment on our horses Santiago and Exotica at the SD show. It was really hard to stay home and miss seeing their first outing this year! Also our palomino stallion with Robby Barth, would loved to have seen him driving. He is quite full of himself as Robby and Marcia put it. (We so agree!) Would liked to have seen your little ones too. Maybe the Waterloo show?

Donna, I l hope you aren't wanting what Larry is interested in! He thought there were some neat things there too!

And we aren't buying either (at least not planning on it!) Have to sell more this year, getting too old for winter chores!

See ya all there! Lavonne
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