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Mulligans Run

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Nov 23, 2003
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Lexington, South Carolina
I apologize for posting this here, but I'm at Nationals, and the hotel connection is NOT allowing me to send emails.

I have received several emails regarding the item I have up for auction - one year free web cam hosting. I'm hoping that Mary Lou won't mind if I answer the questions here as I'd love to have this auction raise ALOT of money for those that need it.

[SIZE=14pt]#1 - Any camera that will connect to your PC will work. You will have to purchase an external video capture card (we'll give you the model to buy) from a place such as Office Depot. They run approximately $70 - or you can buy one used on Ebay.[/SIZE]

#2 - There are NO setup fees and we will walk you through everything via phone

#3 - Cam service will be for one year for one cam

#4 - It does NOT matter if you use dial up or dsl or satellite. We have several customers on each of these connections.

#5 - The quality of the picture is usually determined by the camera, not the connection.

I apologize again for having to post this here, and I hope you see it Mary Lou and will update my auction.

I am not avoiding anyone - just can't email OUT - I can receive all emails, but can't reply!!!!

So sorry!

Also - we will be adding a camera system to the auction as well. Thanks!!!!
Thanks for the added information!!!

I already bid, I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win
Heather I will copy all this information to your auction item now, Thanks for taking the time out to answer questions and thanks for the donation.

Good luck next week!