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Mini-Max (Christine)

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Mar 5, 2004
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Shelbyville, KY
We closed on Monday and the house in Shelbyville, KY is ours! What a struggle bet well worth it! My hubby will be putting up our fencing over the next few weeks and my boys will come home in October. My two minis are at my mother-in-laws in North Florida. They are having a great time at grandma's and getting very spoiled. I can not wait for them to come home.

The kid are liking their new school. It has been an adjustment but they are getting to know some kids. I will start to look for a job next week. My current job is paying me to consult until Friday. It has been nice to get paid with out busting my hump.

Well, thanks for all your support over the past few months. This forum was such a great help finding a home and keep my spirits up. Thanks again.

I still remember our move to Canada from New York. If we ever move again it will be with a bulldozer. Best of luck in the job search and hope your new place turns into home in no time.
Welcome to Kentucky. We hope to build on our five acres in Shelbyville when Lee retires from teaching, hopefully in two years. He will be doing some substitute teaching in the Shelby County School system though to afford his horse hobby........................... If you want to join a miniature horse club, we have a fun one. Our Fuzzy Fun show is coming up in October at the Shelby County Fairgrounds. Most of our meetings are in Shelbyville..

Here's the link

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Hi Christine! Please tell us all about your new place.

Isn't Kentucky great? I love it. Haven't spent much time in Shelbyville but more around the Lexington area where our family is. It's a great state and I am sure you all will be so happy there.

I know your horses are going to totally love it and the climate. Mine sure loved getting the heck outta burning hot Florida and got to see real grass.

The kids will be fine after the adjustment period I'm sure. There is always so much there for them to do and I'll bet they will be excited about school in no time.
Glad the move is going good and you all are adjusting to your new place. Sounds like things have worked out well for the kids too. Enjoy Kentucky.
Welcome to Kentucky

Hope you join the Bluegrass Miniature Horse Club.

The meetings are held in Shelbyville

Lots of good activities too -- sales -- shows -- FUN.

I look forward to meeting you in person some day.


Link to the website for the club:

Im confused............where did the 3rd horse go?
Thank you Cathy H for the link to the horse club. I plan on joining. I can't wait to attend a meeting.

Ashley, I had to sell my buckskin-Gemini in FL. He got a wonderful home. I am shipping Gus and my Palomino-Max in October to our new home. Gus is our family love and we aremissing him greatly. My MIL is spoiling him rotten and all her quarter horse friends love him (of course). I may have to pry his lead line out of her hands when it comes time for making his way to us. She is tall horse person, and barrell races a time or two a year. She can not believe how sweet and easy going he is.

Marty, the new home is our dream house with 5 acres and an old barn. My hubby is going to build me a shelter for the boys close to the house. The barn does not have elect or water, YET! The house is brick with a complete basement. The basement has a kitchen area and a finished bedroom for my parents. My mom and dad will be joining us in a month or two. My mom is having polups (sp) removed from her colon tomorrow in Tampa FL. They have to do surgery to remove them. It is scary, but she will be healthier knowing they are out. We bought this house since there is more than enough room for us all. My kids can't wait for grandma (she is a better cook than me). The upstairs is split plan for the bedrooms (3). The house is only 2 1/2 years old. We were very lucky to find it. We are painting and bought some new furniture. It is really exciting to start fresh. Once we get unpacked we will post pics!

I have to start looking for a job next week! I am excited to start my search.

Thanks again for all your responses!
Ok just checken. Gus was my boy and he is still missed very much up here. We do talk about him alot as "Mr. Smily". Just thought I was gonna have to hunt you down for selling him with out letting me know.

Out of all the horses I have sold so far in my 9 years him and my this years filly are the only two I truely regret selling. But helps to know hes got a good home with kids to love on.

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