We lost a foal this AM

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Jan 7, 2007
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central florida
Sally, the mother of the pinto and bay mares we usually show went into labor around five this AM. Her water broke and she was pushing, throwing herself down and rolling, but no white bubble. I reached up and could not feel any nose or front feet. We called the vet and gave her banamine. The vet was here within 1/2 hour. The baby was completely breech and its hocks were against Sally's pelvis. She dislodged and delivered him but he was completely unresponsive. She did CPR, cleared his airways, shook him, etc. but no. His eyes were a little cloudy. The placenta was a little thick and had a brown tinge and the cord was very twisted. Sally was completely flushed and her uterus was sprayed with antibiotic. She sniffed him once and nudged him but seemed to know. We buried him under a group of pretty oak trees.

Tinker and Sally were bred within a day or two of each other so she should go soon. After this AM we are thinking it is good she is still at UF.
sorry for your loss. This may not be the time, but if the other mare foals, watch that this mare doesn't steal the new foal. I have had that happen and the foal gets confused because both mares have milk ect.
Sorry for your loss.. Hope that Tinker gets better soon as well...
I know sorry doesnt cut it but also know how hard this is. ((((PRayersand hugs)))) coming your way for your mare and all of you.
I am so sorry for your loss...How hard that must be..Blessings and prayers your way...
Sorry for the loss of your foal. My heart breaks for you.

Oh, that's so sad, I'm so very sorry.
Praying for Tinker and her foal to come through fine for you, how is she doing at the hospital?
I'm so sorry for your loss- you are certainly having a rough time of it all.
I am so sorry for the loss of your little colt, prayers being sent your way and a big hug for the mother.
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