We have had a few babies :)

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Aug 24, 2006
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Wonderful Wisconsin
Wow I have had a busy couple of weeks and on the road. Put about 5000 miles on last week running horses around
and we met some really nice people
I love being able to put faces with all the names.

We had a medicine hat tovero colt with two blue eys by Cinderella and Treasure at 0315 on Friday 4/11 and we left for KY and NC at 0630. He is all business this one!!


Saturday 4/12 we were in route to NC when Jessie (my 12 yr old daughter) called yelling in the phone. "Blonde is foaling, it's halfway out". I talked Jessie thru it and Blonde had a palomino filly with a blaze by Treasure our Nighthawk son. What a girl Jessie is. She calmed down and did very well. Very refined, dainty filly. I'll have to get new pics as she is filling in and doesn't look so scrawny. Her mom didn't share the meals with her. Jessie calls her Blond. She is a very sweet filly.


New picture from today


And tonight Mercedes surprised me. She had a 1/3 bag yesterday to waxed over tonight and I clipped her at 7pm with a HUGE Thunderstorm with all the bells and whistles (lightening, thunder and hail) and went into the house at 8pm after clipping 2 more (just in case). And at 9pm she foaled a GORGEOUS pinto colt, ultra refined with pretty head colt by Aloha Henry 143. With Henry going overseas there aren't alot of them and I saw a super nice colt at Lee's 2 weeks ago that was just born. I was hoping for a filly but a nice colt isn't a bad thing either

Will take pics of him in the morning and post.

I have been happy with the babies so far this year and thankful we haven't had any problems. This last little guy had his front leg in the wrong spot but once I fixed it he came flying out. And looking forward to the next couple- including another Treasure baby, a hopeful repeat STELLA (frame overo filly from last year) and of course our PRINCE baby which I really hope is a filly
because you won't be able to pry her out of my fingers.
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Congrats On your gorgeous babies Kitty.....
.They are all very nice.....
What a nice group of foals! I can't wait to see your Aloha Henry colt.....my stallion is his full brother.
Congratulations on all your foals! I esp liked the little filly, so dainty. send the filly fairy my way now!
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Congratulations! I'm with Sedeh - can't wait to see the Aloha Henry colt. Just love all those Magic Man get and grand-get.
The storm convinced our mare to foal too! Congratulations on your foals--I have always really liked Aloha Henry, so I can't wait to see that colt.
CONGRATE'S Kitty! VERY NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love your babies!!!!!!! My mares are STILL all holding out on me! One due here in the next week or two..... but HATE waiting........ no babies here "yet".......

I'm SO envious!! They are exceptional!!
OK he was very colicy a good portion of the night until 1:30 or so. I lived down in the barn and give him a couple of enemas. After he passed a huge amount of stool he was better. I hate to see babies rolling around like that. He is great now and trying to run. Still unfolding. It is FREEZING here. Snowed earlier and the wind is about 50 mph so when I took his little coat off he is shivering so he is really hunched in the pictures and hard to tell he has a beautiful neck. I would be freezing also. I had to open the barn doors to get enough light for pics.

So at less than 24 hours old. Our Aloha Henry 143 colt. What color is he?? On top looks bay but legs are light. Mom is a sorrel.



Next up here is Adorabelle bred to LTD White Eagle. She had a sorrel frame overo filly last year.
Wow, he is really nice!!! Not sure what color he is, but his markings are strikingly similar to our Magic Man daughter - the one in the snow in my rotating avatar. (Must change the photo as our snow is finally goine!)
Congratulations on all of them Kitty! It looks like Treasure is producing some nice foals for you. The Henry colt is very nice, he sure has produced some incredible foals. While i was at Lee and Kirby's last week i saw a very nice Henry colt and while we were away at a show there was a nice bay and white Henry filly born too.

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