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Apr 20, 2005
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Southwest Oklahoma
We were busy from dawn to dark with our local Antique Tractor Show this weekend. Both nights when we got home, the pasture was flooded and the corral faucet was wide open. The first day, we thought I had left the faucet on by mistake.

The second night we came home and found the same things--pasture a flooded swamp and faucet wide open. Then we knew who the real culprits were.

That faucet has been there with the horses for 6 years and we never had a problem. I would love to see just how they did the deed. Thousands of gallons of wasted water! We are dreading the water bill$$$

The good news is, I guess I don't have dementia yet.

Here is what we figured out to do, and hopefully this will foil them. If not, I guess we will have to put a padlock on it...


We are in the middle of a severe draught here in my part of Australia. I am on tank water and that having a horse turn on a tap would drain us!!! We have to save every single drop of water here.

Lets see if your monsters can get to it now that its behind bars!
LOL. We had the same problem here. Ours were rubbing on it and it would flip the handle up and water everywhere!! We solve it by putting the hose on with a head that locks so even if they turn water on it wont come out.
Geez, I got one of those in the pastures. May think about doing that to mine! Although, they haven't rubbed on it yet.

Where's your video camera when you need it???
keri, I would put something on your hoses or a clip in the faucet handle if I were you. My hroses did not bother mine for 6 years. Why suddenly???

I have had turnoff ends pop off hoses before if there is a pressure surge. They are not 100% safe.

This corral was used by my dad for many years for cattle. I wondered why he had that wire thing around the faucet. We took it off when we moved here. Glad we saved it!

I dread the water bill
I'm going to see if there's a way to box ours in. Its in the middle of the pasture free standing. Don't need that flooding my place! Thanks!!
My son suggested I put some purple paint on the faucet and find out who the culprit is. Wish I'd thought of that before we fenced it in. Though I already have a good idea which horse is was. But it might have been fun to find out which part of his anatomy he used.

I was telling my sister about it, and she said I should be glad the horses didn't have halters on. The horse I suspect would have gone berzerk if he had caught a halter on the faucet. I could have come home to something worse than a flooded pasture.

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