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Nov 30, 2002
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I don't think there are that many newborns out there..BUT if you have any watch them..our firefly was all listless this pm..took his temp..and it was 105 within 5 seconds..I filled a tub with icewater and set him in..took alcohol and rubbed his back down..put a BIG fan on his stall..after 15 min in the tub it was still after 30 min it's 101.7..PLEASE watch these babies!!
I hosed our Missy down today. She acted the same way, I filled my big trough just in case I had to immerse her. She's better now, thank heaven today is the last day of over 95 for while. Good catch!
This is heat is murder on these little ones. My little filly born July 14th was breathing so fast Sunday that we shaved all her baby fuzz off except for a strip down her back to prevent sunburn, she looks silly but is quite comfortable now.
Well..temp went back 102.5 after 1 hr and 103.9 after 1.5 hrs..soo called the vet..he gave IV with electrolytes. shot of Banamine and a gen/pen cocktail to be on the safe side..when he left was still 102..gotto keep taking his temp..and prob give him another poor baby
Oh poor darlin. Don't forget some probios for his tummy. It sure has been hot, we just had one hack of a storm blow through and the next week promises to be in the 70s and low 80s FINALLY! Praying for your sweet baby.
We finally had a cold front come through, was 105 yesterday now I think the high was 75 today...... 66 right now, such a nice change!!

I pray he will be ok!!! Let us know!!!
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I'm just scared to death. I'm watching Sonny like a hawk. He's having a ruff time in the heat. I am too. I've been down for two days myself with an ear ache and strept throat but I keep going out there hoseing everyone. Even the water out of my hose is warm. I'm very worried. It's really bad up here and has never done this before on the mountain. I've been mixing beet pulp with red gator ade. Nobody wants out in the field. They are all hold up in the new barn, except Sonny of course who can't mingle with the minis. I sure hope your baby will be ok Christine. I think we only have one more day of this to go before we get rid of this darn heat wave. Let's hope so.

Christine, do you think it would help Sonny if I rubbed him down with alcohol? It may take a few gallons but who cares.......
Marty you can mix water with alcohol..

Cooling out your horse in hot weather - especially after a workout - is extremely important. Follow these steps to keep your horse cool and healthy.


1. Get your horse cooled off as quickly as possible. Run cold water over his entire body - an ice-bath is preferable.

2. Sponge cold water mixed with rubbing alcohol over the horse's large muscle areas to encourage evaporation.

3. Let your horse drink as much water as he wants. Contrary to popular belief, drinking water will not cause a horse to colic or founder.

4. Keep your horse untacked and "naked" as much as possible. This will allow maximum heat to escape from the body.

5. Find a shady, cool area out of the sun and heat.

6. Monitor the horse's vital signs.
Christine, I just heard that we will be getting a bit of relief tomorrow after noon!

Temperatures will be a bit cooler for Wednesday and much cooler from Thursday into the weekend. A cold front will head our way creating showers and storms on occasion, starting late Wednesday. Stay tuned to the Channel 3 Storm Alert Team for Weather Coverage You Can Count On...

Sonny's outside right now. It's 87 degrees up here at 11:00PM Unbelievable but there is beginning to have a breeze. His body is still warm though to the touch but not like it was earlier. This is madness.

Holly is as cool as a cucumber. I'm watching her too of course.

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