Wanting some feedback on in-utero purchases or sales, anyone have experience?

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Carolyn R

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May 10, 2007
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While this is big horse related, I was looking for some input, thoughts, feelings, and experience on in utero purchases, or if you have sold in utero, what your thoughts are.

So I am looking to purchase another gypsy vanner in the next year or so, more likely sooner than later. One big issue with these horses......it is more difficult to find tall ones. They are drafty enough that even the shorter horses can carry a large amount of weight, but non the less, I want a taller one.

I am looking for a younger one for the simple fact that it will allow me to put time and miles on my 3 year old without feeling guilty about only halter training and loving the other in the meantime, yet I will stll reap the benefits of allowing my girl to have a companion that is a safe size for her to be around.

Anyhow......I have a few options, going to the same breeder who said he will work with me on pricing since I am a return customer, but there is only certain sires and dams I would want a foal from, the size

is not there on the others, or.....there is another breeder that has very large stock, I can reserve a foal for 2013, pay it off in payments, but...... This is the part I don't know if I am comfortable with and want input....the foal comes with a live healthy foal gaurantee, all regular care until weaning, but after the first week I am responsible for any care that is needed if an emergency should arise, of course I would have insurance, but even with insurance, the money must be paid out and you get reimbursed for the approved fees, minus the deductibles. I am unsure how I feel about that. Many people insure horses that are in training, out of the owners care, but in that situation, that owner has the right to load the horse in a trailer and bring it home, that is not an option with a foal that is waiting to be weaned. When I bred mini's and had inquiries on foals I would only ask for a 20% deposit, if the foal should become sick or injured prior to being ready to go to it's new home, I had it stated that the cost would be my responsibility and

the deposit would be returned or applied to another, it was the buyer's choice. Once the foal was

weaned, it was the buyers responability.

So do you all have any input? Have you dealt with this scenario, if so, how was it handled?

As always, thanks for any experiences you share. I do belong to a forum for gypsy vanners, but unfortunately, there seem to be a lot of clicks and cattiness, this is not a topic I care to place on there.
I would say that because you are looking to buy in utero, or even before weaning, that you are at the mercy of tyhe breeder/seller. Your only options as I see them, are to accept it, or to work with the seller to try and implement exact wording to cover your concerns, or wait until after weaning to purchase. Since you'd be making payments anyway, just take those payments and put them into a horse fund to buy when the right one comes along, maybe even as you say, in 2013.

When I was raising minis, I sold some foals before they were weaned and I also sold some of my last year's foals in utero. I sold them as being my responsibility until they were weaned,(with a solid date stated in contract) and from that time forward, if still on my property, all expenses shifted to the buyer.
It must not be uncommon in other breeds, because when I inquired about purchasing a Welsh pony inutero I was told the same thing. I did not to it, because I was concerned about the potential risks/costs. Could you work out something that you could have first right of refusal on one of the foals instead of purchasing inutero, or do you want to purchase that way because you want to choose the pairing? As a breeder if someone is requesting a certain pairing, I can understand asking to cover the costs of the foal. Because it wasn't their choice to breed the mare to that stallion, why should they assume the risks? I can see it from both sides.

I do not offer inutero sales with my Miniatures because so much can happen, it seems like tempting fate. I would offer first right of refusal if someone wanted a foal.
While cost is a factor as in I will not be spending $20,000
on the purchase, I will have the funds to pay outright for the price range I am looking into, but the larger size is where the problem lies. The ones that can be purchased in utero jump up several thousand dollars once they are on the ground. When it comes to purchasing, it is opposite of mini's, LOL, instead of being larger than what is on their papers, Gypsy Vanners are often smaller than stated on websites or papers. No matter what the size, mini or full size, it is always buyer beware. Unfortunately it seems very hard to find a place to get some pointers on this breed, people tend to name names, point fingers, and be downright miserable at times on that forum.

Anyhow, I guess I just need some convincing that I am not being rediculous when comes down to me saying, "no, just not worth taking chances on something I have no control over."

I love this forum and the respect that the people have here for one another!
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Here are my own personal feelings about buying a horse 'in utero'. Whoever created this method of selling horses saw the next pocketbook coming. You have insurance- great and YOU are footing the bill to cover THEIR breeding program. I dont see ANY advantage to the buyer. What you get is what you get and if it's something you dont like, tough. You are stuck with it.

Buying a weanling before it's weaned is risky enough, but at least you get to SEE it and know if it might even be something that would fit your breeding/show/etc... program, or what you have in mind.

As I said, just my personal opinion.

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