Very Excited "New Foal coming in January"

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Jan 31, 2004
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Pacific NW Scappoose, OR
Yesterday my daughter took the test. She is preggo.
They are very excited as it has been a very long

road. She lost her baby 5yrs ago and it has taken drugs to get pregnant again. Believe me this house is

rockin. She used to threaten to jump on Jasmines belly and shoot the foal out when she got impatient. Sooo! I told her I need to get that horse trailer up and running by January as I'm certain Jasmine wants to be in

the Delivery room. Afterall fair is fair. Daddy was so excited he couldn't sleep, works nights, He was exhausted last night preparing to go to work. But excited to get there and spill the beans. I must say things are looking up here. Afterall this weekend my boys are coming home. Koda is now a gelding and doing well.

Jimmy just wants to come home and get back to life as usual. Can't break a 13yr relationship with your a

horse. He wants his mommy. He is truly a mommys boy. Now I have to quell my excitement and head off to work. "Everyone have a great day!
OOOHHH!!! Congratulations, Marie!!!

Congrats on the grandbaby to come... That is very exciting, babies just melt us... Or me at least!!
Congratulations! I love good news!
Thank you everyone. This is very exciting. Imagine I'm going to be a grandma. With the kids living here it will make it even more exciting. And as for sleep. Coffee works well for me.
This is me now wherever I go.

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