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Oct 2, 2004
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My friends new girl might be bred and has never been vaccinated. Is this okay to do if she is bred. Previous owner is one of those who never does vaccines/farrier once a year kinda guys... so she wanted me to ask you guys ;) What about wormer?

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge.
That is something I would ask the folks of here....

Not sure about donkeys.

But if it was a horse,, I would give at least the 4 in 1 shot.

Safeguard wormer would be the best I think, for a first worming.

Would do all that a week apart, just to make sure her system is not stressed too much.
When is this jenny due, if she is bred? I have given shots to bred jennys up to just 3 weeks before they are due. I just do the combo shot (4 in 1) but I wouldn not do the West Nile shot, if she is bred , but that is IMO. You can use any mild wormer, and it should be safe. Ivermectin has a wide safe margin. I always worm my mares and jennys 24 hours after foaling, and have never had problems. Corinne

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