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Apr 20, 2005
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Southwest Oklahoma
After watching a session about show halters at the recent OMHCI clinic I wondered if there were uses besides showing for the halters.

I decided to order a simple rolled leather one for my horses and was so excited to receive it today and try it on my boys. They are still pretty furry, but I love the simple line of the halter. It seems to look better on my bay than on the horse with a bald face, though. Regular halters just seem so clunky! I think I have it adjusted correctly with the band at the cheekbone.

When would it be safe/appropriate to use the show halter besides a halter class? Can it be used for halter obstacle classes?

Even if I use it for nothing but having his picture taken, it is worth it.

I only like the cable show halters for halter classes. They just aren't durable or safe for performance. I suppose if you wanted to you could use them halter obstacle, jumping, and liberty but I don't feel like I have the precision control that I like in those classes with this type of halter. They really are just meant to be worn standing still and looking pretty. For performance, I prefer a western show halter with chain.
I have used the show halters for performance but I clip the rings of the chain and the middle of the chain all into the lead clip so the chain won't bump them suddenly. A misstep on your part or the horses in the middle of a jump would not be a "good" surprise.

I have also used the show halter for trail in hand because of the cost of halters. As mentioned you don't have the same control as you would have with a western style halter.

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