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Nov 30, 2002
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Piqua, Ohio
I posted a while back about my little mare who had a hoof growing out really wierd. I was worried it was possibly from founder, even tho she has never shown any signs of lameness, illness, or injury.

Here is the picture I posted of her front hooves after I did some extensive trimming.....it looked MUCH worse before I trimmed.

You can see how the left front hoof is bulging to the outside & curling under.


I had my vet (an equine specialist) come out to check her. After doing several tests, he admitted he was stumped....but ruled out founder, white line disease, & seedy toe. He seemed to think it has been caused by an injury several months ago.

Today....I had my friend's farrier out & he concurred that it is not from founder, and there is no indication of white line disease or seedy toe. He also said it was definitely not from improper trimming & told me all my horses trims looked great. He agrees with my vet, & thinks she has injured the coronary band several months ago, and it is growing out. He shortened the inside edge & cut back the outside bar on the sole to releave the pressure on the outside wall & help it to "flair" out instead of wanting to curl under. He showed me how to keep this up until it grows all the way out...at which time I can go back to trimming her level.

We still don't know for sure exactly what happened to cause this, as she has NEVER been lame, or shown any signs of injuries in the past. I'm just thankful that it isn't something serious & "should" eventually grow out & look normal again.
That's great news, I'm so glad to hear it! Can't wait to hear about it being all better!
All I can say is dont expect it to "grow out" . My moms mare has been like this 2 years. Still waiting for it to grow out.
I have sold a rescue stallion with a similar condition as your mare...He is very up on his feet and rolled over especially in the back, tends to grow more hoof wall on one side because his weight tends to wear down the hoof on the other side, as he walks with his weight shifted.. People have told me he has crooked legs, and this is why he cant be corrected, but only maintained with regular farrier work.

Could you show us her hind feet?

I'm glad to hear the vet and farrier both think she should be able to grow it out right in the future.
This is a 4 year old mare who was previously a show mare, and had no problems with her hooves prior to this. The reason they think it will grow out, is because the new growth coming from the coronary band is coming in straight...no bulge. I really wanted a definitive answer to what is causing this...but both my vet and farrier were pretty much stumped
& all they could do is rule out everything they could...and then came to the same conclusion, that it must have been an injury. All I can do at this point is listen to the "experts" and follow their advice. I guess only time will tell?

Bonnie....I'll go out & take some pics of her rear hooves & post here for you.

OK Bonnie....

Here is a shot of her rear hooves from the side


and here is a shot from the rear.....


and her rear hooves from the front side...

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i remember when you first posted this and its just one of the oddest things i have seen! These dang horses---if there is a way for something weird to happen it will happen to a horse! Hope she continues to improve!
Dona I'm so glad it wasn't founder or anything like that.

I thought it might be some type of injury to her coronary band. I'm glad it's growing in straight.

If you want to help it along you could rub some emu oil into her coronary band on a daily basis. There is a product called Renew (can't remember the brand right now), that is made from emu oil, I just can't say enough about it. I will go find the brand and post later.
I have found that letting them walk in water "frequently" also aids in getting that band down.. Her back feet look good! Could this also be from a mineral lack? I like to use the 12-12 mineral block from purina to assure that all mineral needs are met.. It contains no salt so a seperate salt block is required for their salt needs.
It looks like the injury would have had to have been on the inside left, its not growing as fast. But with no lameness no swelling??????????????? It could not be a feed change as that affects the WHOLE hoof growth pattern. Really interesting. Glad it will right itself with proper trimming.

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