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Aug 18, 2003
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Well, he is now a gelding. He did pretty good. His teeth are fine
But he is 7 yrs old, not 5 like I was told. We'll keep a close eye on him today and update if needed.
Sorry I wasn't able to update sooner - internet server was down last night

Spooky had a rough night, poor baby. He had a good bit of bleeding and was very sore. He is pretty swollen, but moving more now and his incisions look good. It always seems to be harder on the older ones.

But, he is doing well now and feeling better. The bad news is after all he's been through this week he has become a bit stand-offish again. I'm sure it wont take long to correct that again though
Yeahhhhhhh!! Be sure and keep him moving around to help with the swelling. Angie you have a done a wonderful job and I cannot thank you enough. He will come around again once all this is behind him.

Sorry it has taken me so long to update again. I can't seem to keep the kids out of the Dr.'s office long enough to do anything

Spooky is doing just fine. The swelling has gone and he is healing nicely. The vet's office called today to tell me his coggins report was in and is negative
he has been wormed and is eating good. Now, we just need to let his heels grow out and get his trust built up. He is doing much better and doesn't automatically turn his rear toward people anymore
Looks like he will be a great little horse

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