UPDATE on "Hauling Woes"

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capall beag

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May 20, 2005
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York Beach, Maine originally from Ireland!
Some of you may remeber my previous post on hauling woes!

Well, my boys arrived about a half hour ago!!!!!

The hauler returned and picked them up for me. He charged an additional fee, but a very reasonable one, and the seller paid for it.

So, it all worked out!

My stallion is VERY nice but overweight and the gelding is very underweight so we will have to change that BUT nothing that a bit of food management can't help. The gelding seems nervous so he may have lost some weight on the trip. I have read they can loose quite a bit of weight due to stress while travelling!

Thats great news! I am glad it all worked out! Best of luck with them!! And CONGRATS!!

Oh Fiona! Finally! So glad you have your boys, now give up all the details and click some pics. With you and your girls lovin em they'll settle in nicely.

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