Update on Black Stallion in OK

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I just talked to DAvie at lunch today. THANK YOU DAVIE for all the work you have done with this little guy
Davie checked with a lawyer and since the horse has not been claimed we at CMHR now own him. He is getting all his shots, coggins and gelding next week. Hes also being seen by Davies farrier this weekend. After all this is done he will be available for adoption.

Davie says he is already coming around and doing great. We will post pics as soon as Davie gets back home as shes on a horse road trip right now.

so glad to hear the little guy is doing well and getting the care he needs. Keep us posted and cant wait to see pics
Hi Kay, thanks for updating everyone about the stallion that has now been nicknamed SUNNY. He is a sweet boy but still has some intimidation type issues as he wants to turn his rump towards you and back up--not sure if it is a "Please rub my butt request or "BACK OFF" warning" so for the present time we are trying to correct this habit.

The farrier will be here Saturday and we will have a final determination as to whether he has foundered or just been negelected in the hoof care department.

Will now get a phone call in to Dr Danielson and see when we can get him gelded.

If I can get caught up on my computer at home I'll see if I can get some photos sent to you so that we can post them on the website--will try tonight, but still trying to recover from an 8 day 5000+ mile road trip to Oregon and back--geeze my toosh is tired of sitting--at least the chair I'm in now does not rock
(seat in the truck is Air Ride so with every bounch in the road- it moves).
JMO.... Please don't flame me here but,.......... I feel that you are moving way to fast here on this horse in Oklahoma. I know about where the horse was found and it could have came from several different towns. Has a ad been ran in all the papers?

I know if it were my horse and someone gelded my stallion I would be very upset.

But then again I would be looking high and low for him. Here in Oklahoma horse laws can be catchy. Again this is jmo.
evelyn we did talk to an attorney in that area. davie has also talked to all the animal rescues and animal control and the police in that area. The lady that found him also tried to find the owner but could no longer keep him. If we hadnt stepped in she was going to take him to an auction to "get rid of him" this horse has been awol for approx 6 weeks now. The original owner has not contacted anyone looking for this horse. If i was missing a horse these would be the first places i would contact. I dont know what you think is a reasonable amount of time but i think 6 weeks is plenty
I agree Kay most places meaning states have a 14 day to 30 day law and then it equals abandonment no different then a dog being in a shelter for 7-10 days and then being fixed and put up for adoption I am glad he will find a new home

and davie.. wish you would have stopped by here in ID on your road trip!
I sure am excited to see those pics of this guy real soon. Sounds like good things are happening for this little guy.
ladyrenegade said:
I sure am excited to see those pics of this guy real soon. Sounds like good things are happening for this little guy. 


He is listed on the CMHR web site.

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