Ugly weanling turn into a swan?

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Nov 30, 2002
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OK, so she isnt ugly just akward. She was a very pretty tiny baby. She is out of a first time mare. She is leggy and super super refine. Right now she just looks a bit funny, like she had a major growth spurt lately and the belly isnt filling out to go with it. I know this is party inheratied as her mom was the same way as a foal, as was her grandam. She also looks funny as she is in a desperate need of a clip job but cant do it as she is so white and I dont want her to burn. I clipped yesterday with a cattle clippers and the horses were still burning so we are gonna by pass her. Please tell me she will be cute again?

This is her at a day old. And i couldnt decide if she was a buckskin pinto or not, but now that she is shedding she is defenatly a buckskin pinto. I havent see on so dark!


I should add that she is almost 2 months old. At a month of age I could still pick her up with one arm and carry her.
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She's beautiful! I love that face and those eyes...not to mention those long legs!

If you think she's too awkward, she could hide out here...

She is so sweet!
What a cutie pie! I just love foals. She has some beautiful doe eyes on her. Definitely love those longggggg legs.
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WEll I do still love her and she still does have a beautiful head but her body sure needs to catch up and fill out. She is nurseing mamma who is makeing pletny of milk, she also eats grain, grass and hay. She will be comeing home here hopefully as soon as the ultrasound person comes out to check the mares. I think where she is so tiny I will leave her on mom longer. I know her mother and other siblings of her mother have always been left on longer. ONly one did I wean at 4 months. THe others stayed on 5-6 months. IM just not used to babies that are so tiny body wise and I have 2 this year!

Dont worry Susanne I will keep you in mind, however I should probably finish paying for her before I decided to ever send her off(which is pretty unlikely anyway)
Give her time.... she will come together and be truly beautiful again. She's going through the awkward, gangly teenager stage. Give her time to get her braces off (so to speak... LOL).

Ginny Long
Oh Ashley,

I think she is adorable!!

Look at that beautiful head and pretty eyes!!!

She does look very tiny!!
Height wise she isnt short. She should mature about 32-33". BOth her parents are 33". Her dam is more refine, her sire is about average build. SHe is just so so refine im paranoid to do anything with her. HOwever she has made it easy on me. I took her out at a month old and tied her up for a bit and let her eat some grain. THen we went for a walk. First time ever walk, she walked right with me and troted when I asked. NEver once did she pull back on the lead. Now thats the kind of babies I want every year.

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