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Sep 5, 2003
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Has anyone ever used either one of these feeds before or know anything about them?

Triple Crown Lite

Triple Crown Lite feed


Seminole Wellness Safe and Lite.

Seminole Wellness Safe and Lite feed

The vet says my guy needs to lose weight, so I'm considering one of these two feeds.

He's been on Buckeye Grow n Win for a long time, but come to think of it, he's been chunky ever since he's been on it. I guess it doesn't agree with him for some reason. So, time to change.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

I use Triple Crown Lite and have been very happy with it! The real "easy keepers" I find do better on the Triple Crown EquiMin loose minerals or mineral block instead of the pelleted feed and hay or pasture. They look great on the minerals and loose weight faster than on the Lite.

I also use the Triple Crown 30% Supplement and have been very happy with that as well for my pregnant/nursing mares, hard keepers and foals/growing horses.
I used Triple Crown Lite for awhile - then got away from it. I did eventually put my mare on Nutrena Lite and really like the results. Gypsy looked better this year then she has in a long time. I wouldn't hesitate to use it again.

I just recently started TC Lite on a couple horses, they haven't been on it very long, but so far I like it.

My horses have been on Progressive Nutrition ProAdvantage grass formula (ration balancer) for 3 years and I love it; but I recently found out I'm losing my Progressive Rep and its still up in the air as to whether or not there will be a new rep, so I decided to try a couple on the TC Lite. They really seem to like it.
I put the easy keepers on Triple Crown Lite ( and TC Conditioning Chaff) once I start to see green grass and it maintains them just fine until the grass dies off , the rest of the year I use Triple Crown Complete .... I've been pleased with this line of feeds , but they do cost a bit more.

I've never used the Nutrena feeds but I've heard nothing derogatory about it ... I think either would be a good choice .
I used Triple Crown Lite for about 8 months and while it did take the weight off I noticed that the minis backbones were sticking up, and on the TC 30 my mini mare would have boughts of loose poop.
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I've been feeding the Lite for over a year and found that the key to keeping those backs filled out is to feed to TC Conditioning chaff in addition to the TC Lite . I've not experienced any bony backbones since feeding this feed, even when not using the chaff.
I have been feeding TC Lite for a year or more, and I like it. For the easy keepers, it's now ONLY Lite with some Omega Fields stabilized ground flax, and grass hay in the AM; in the PM, a combination of alfalfa hay and grass hay at night, along w/ soaked beet pulp. I was feeding BOSS to all, but am 'weaning' them off that since I began the Omega Fields. My oldies get TC Senior, plus all the above(they get a higher % of alfalfa, also), and the others all get some combo of Lite w/ either TC Complete or TC Senior, plus all the above, in varying amounts and proportions, according to the individual horse's needs. They all look as good as they EVER have; most look better for this time of year...they are shedding faster, and the quality of their 'old' winter hair is less 'crappy' looking than usual for this time of year. All are in good flesh. They are ALL physically 'out-of-shape'; but proper exercise always improves their general appearance of 'fitness' starting in the spring, after a long and mostly inactive winter.


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