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Nov 16, 2004
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Central Pa
Has anyone ever gone to the tri state mini sale in Ohio? What kinds of quality horses come there? What are the prices like? How many head do they usually get? Thanks in advance.
If you mean the sale from the TSMHC, I can give you some input from last years sale.

These are from my notes so they might not be exact. But pretty near.

there were 60 horses there. (51 in the catalog)

of the ones in the catalog


weanlings 8, 1yr-3, 2 yr-4, 3yr - 2 and over 3yrs -14


weanlings -4, 1 yr - 4, 2 yr-3, 3yr - 2, and over 3 yrs -7

prices ranged from $275 - $2000.

Some of the horses were real nice, some average.

I got one last year and one in 2002,(I had wanted 2 others but did not take enough money
I am happy with horses I got.

If you have any other questions you can pm me

I have some I am thinking of consigning this year, good to know there were some decent prices there last year.
One thing to keep in mind. It is in Oct and the weather may be beautiful or it could be freezing cold like last year. It was a good thing we took our horse halling van. Because the little filly we got had a hair cut and was very cold by the time it was to go. They had a blanket on her before the sale but took it off when she went in the ring and never put it back on.

The youth club also has a food booth for us people that require some goodies

It is also a good place to talk with people you have not seen in some time.

I just wrote it all down on my calender. I dont know where canfield is but i've heard that its close to where i live from what i just asked my dad so i can probaly make it there ..i plan on going.

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