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Jan 2, 2005
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Williams, OR
I only bred 2 mares for 2008 and only one settled. So my foaling season was short and sweet!! In fact, I was just starting to really watch Sassy as she usually goes around 340 days. Well, this time she went at 332 days....kind of took me by surprise, and she almost had it while I was surfing the forum! :DOH! I had just replied to a topic and thought "I'd better check the moniter" and she was lying and rolling. So I watched her for a few minutes and then she stood up, went down, stood up and right back down again and I was out the door! She has had only colts for me and I was so hopefull for a filly.......but the berry fairie strikes again!
I had all colts last year....and even my dog had an all boy litter! I'm going to have to change my water!

Here he is....I've been calling him Freddie but haven't given him a "real name" yet. His dam is Donnas Sassy Lassy and Sire is Aloha Acres Heir to if anyone has name suggestions??



His coloring is very similar to his dam and I'm guessing he is a Silver Bay tobiano just like his mama.
Congratulations Sandy!! I do think I see some family resemblance in that face. Very cute!
Oh so CUTE Sandy! Is he by Heir?
Yup! It's an Heir baby. I'm already looking forward to next years foal crop! He's breeding 3 mares this year and one is a maiden that I'm really anxious to see what they produce together.
I love the face shot!
Wow! He's a handsome little man. Congratulations!


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