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Oct 11, 2006
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Central KY
Some of you may remember "Miss Sassy" she became very ill at 4 days old and

required lots of care. She is now doing well and is almost 2 months old.

We anticipate taking her to a few shows this summer, as well as the State Fair in August.

My vet is recommending she get her vaccines at least 6 weeks before she goes to any show, even at this age, but at this point she is only 2 months old and not the recommened 5 or 6 months.

Has anyone else given them this young?

(Her mother was vaccinated 5 weeks prior to her birth.)

I showed a weanling last year and my vet would only give her tetnus. He said if the mare was vaccinated 4 weeks before foaling then the foal had immunity from her. He is now recommending they dont start annual shots till one year. But I know my Illinois vet always said 6 months. Sometimes its hard to figure it all out!
I got a filly shipped to me. Gave her shots at 4 months (vet did) and a booster a month later. She's doing fine. I would think that if the baby is still nursing, she should be fine.
My vet will vaccinate at 4 mos. if the mare did not recieve any vaccines prior to foaling, otherwise its 6 mos. Others may differ but that is what our vet says.

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