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Thank you so much for your kind words @MaryFlora! We are incredibly fortunate to have such good citizens. They truly are their own brand of celebrity. I got an email yesterday to book them for another site visit in August at a sister site to this one. My summer is full. I'm having a hard time trying to find places to have these visits now.
They each have a full set of Cavello CLBs. They work really well for the slippery floors and double for foot protection for road driving.
We started Jasmine with blindfolding and loading backwards into the elevator. Now she walks on willingly. I'm not sure how it's going to work to try to get the donkey in them. He's still unsure about sliding doors.
The first time Dapper Dan entered a school with glass doors, he ran into the glass. It had not occurred to me that he would do this. After that, I was very careful about glass doors.
The home we visited recently has wide glass doors that open outward. I have to ask Billy to wait till he is clear of the door before entering. Doors can be challenging!

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