The latest woodburn, one of my new favorites.

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Dec 24, 2002
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This is a schooling horse named Picasso. It was a neat photograph and the owner wanted a special gift for a student. It's an 11"x14" "stall plate".

That looks great!!! You do such a fantastic job!!! Just like you did a wonderful job on the one I have hanging up at my house!!! Brent still says it is the best present I ever gave him! = ) Thanks!!!!
I can't get over how they get better and better is that is possible, truly magical, Debs
That is so cool!! It looks like a painting!

Your wood burns are excellent!!
Thanks Ya'll! I'm still having a blast doing these and the more unique they are the more I like it. I wasn't sure I could make this one look like the photo but managed to pull it off!
Minimule you have done a wonderful job on the plate
OMG that is awesome!!! They are very beautiful and I have no idea how you make them, you are wondeful at them though!
Beautiful. By the way, the Miniature Horse World used a picture of the one you did for me of Incredible in an article that I did for this issue, if you haven't seen it yet, but failed to give you credit for it. I am sorry for that oversite. I sent the info, but it got lost, I guess.
Oh wow! Now I've been published! It's all right. I took a photo of my husband and a buddy doing some rescue work, sent in their names and HE got credit for taking the photo!

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