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Dec 1, 2002
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I should be thanking you or kicking you
. The not quite a rescue filly came home today thanks to a soft hearted hubby. She is a doll and jumped right in the trailer rode quietly and seems to be settling in to my herd. I haven't seen her in daylight yet but by flashlight she looks ok. She hightailed it when I dumped some strategy down (apparently she didn't know what grain was) but was quite happy with her hay pile.
. She will get her feet done and be wormed this weekend (she may not like me much then) and I will try to get some pics of her. I have to take some pics of a couple others for registration so I will have the camera out. I will also put a stick to her and see just how tall she is.

Any way if it all works out she will be hardshipped and then bred down the road she fits my needs quite well. In the meantime the kids can show her at the open shows
I did panick a bit when i didnt see her yesterday as she has escaped from her really bad fencing and our street is kinda busyt.

I am so glad she has a good home now with feed daily and love and attention. She really is a cute little mare.

now if only we can get rid of the 2 large ponies/small horses.. not sure how tall they are i would guess 14.2-15 hands maybe - perhaps Rory can give a better guess all iknow is they dont get fed regularly- one is VERY heavy in foal and when they do get fed it is very poor quality hay. I fed them a bit yesterday since that hadnt eaten in 2 days but i just dont have enough money to feed them all the time rest assured though i wont let them starve to death- again this woman doesnt consider them a rescue she knows nothing of horses and they seem sweet enough VERY VERY SAD
Thank you both for opening your hearts to this filly and giving her the home she deserves!!!! Cant wait for pictures
As for the two pony/horses they are probably 14-14.2 tops. The lady says they are bred to a really nice brown q-horse
. She knows nothing and I mean nothing about horses. She thinks they should be worth something because they are bred, she does not realize that makes them less desirable. They seem nice enough and would probably clean up and make great kid horses. I have a bit of a discourse going with her so if anyone is interested she says she wants 500 each, however she doesn't want to keep them so..... she will get more desperate and may be open to very low offers.

Contact me privately if you have questions.
Can you guys post the city and state they are in or at least the state?? might get more interest that way.

Also is she taking your advice on how to feed etc??

They are near boise Id and no she doesnt even remember to feed them every day let alone anything but hay right now she went thru divorce or is her hsuband left and they have NO hay - he was the one who would go buy it eventually so i dont know what will happen. my biggest concern si they arent seperated now as they have always been togther and this close to foaling would be to much stress for the one i mean she is CLOSE- and they have no shelter to speak of and there pen has never been cleaned they are not skin and bones ect YET and i am giving them hay when i can.. but they need a home both have had kids lead line on them and i think they ahve been ridden as well they are matched pair of chestnuts
I just have to say this filly is a doll. I left work early
and came on home to bring the herd in before dark so I could take a good look at her. What a doll she walks right up to you and likes to be scratched so far she is low woman on the totem pole but she holds her own. She does not know what the heck the sheep are and looks awful pretty when standing at attention staring at them
. I took a really good look at her and I know she has a silver gene possibly grulla or dun she is a strange color. She is missing about 1/2 her mane right in the middle her feet are long but not bad and her weight is fine (just zero muscle tone). GEEZ I am carrying on like this was my first horse or something. Any way hopefully pictures tomorrow the wind is a blowing so the hair will be a flying

my vote on her color is still a silver buckskin :)
I got a question on the bigger mares?

How close to foaling do you think they are? I was wondering if they were to close to ship! I would take them both in a min!! ALso how low on the price do you think she woulld go if they were both taking at one time? I could not take one and leave one!! If you know what I mean!!



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