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Jul 20, 2005
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Thank you to everyone for welcome - why didn't I do this sooner!!!

Miss Kitty is doing great - Virginia, my daughter is in the FFA and actually has a little road show for the FFA open houses that she takes Miss Kitty and Fannie on to educate people about minis,breeding, dwaves, misc info and what they are good for (since her Dad is always asking - by the way, according to Virginia as I'm sure everyone knows here, the answer for what's the most important thing a mini is good for? Just lovingI

We still do have Miss Kitty's yearling sorrel son - his name is Rudy- short for Rude Boy!

Yes, he was quite the rude boy as a suckling - loved to nip, kick,butt heads and get into any kind of trouble he could possibly find! And he would be so sly about it! I swear you could see those wheels turning! I'm sure some if not most of you have had an imp like this, big or small, at some kind and know what I'm talking about! You you almost hear him thinking - should I or shouldn't I, should I or shouldn't I- WHAT THE HECK, I SHOULD!!!!! Never once did he give his mama any troubles she would put him in his place quick enough, but humans (except for Todd) and our other minis were fair game! Never really kicked hard enough to hurt or nipped hard enough to leave a mark but still extremely unacceptable behaviour that we were working on - of course , it didn't help that every visitor thought this was the cutest thing going and encouraged it! So now we not only use John Lyon's 3 second rule on Rudy but the visitors as well!! lol !

Rudy was actually coming along very nicely in the manners dept when in Oct 2004 at 4 months of age, he colicked and it was very, very bad. Todd and I, on our Vet's advice, had just made the decision to end his suffering - nothing had seemed to help him, we had taken turns for almost 18 hours walking him in shifts and keeping him moving with his dam, Miss Kitty, following and nudging him from behind. Other attempts (tubing, oil, another enema)by the Vet were fruitless. By the end of this time, whenever you stopped he just collasped to the ground, too weak to even try to roll. It got to the point where we could no longer get him to stand he was so near death. You could pick him up and stand him up as he was only a little guy of 23' tall but he had no strength left to move and would fall down unless you held him up.

This was when the Vet advised us it was time. There was no way he would survive surgery, he said, even if he thought it would help which he didn't. Now it was time to tell Virginia to say our goodbyes, I could not speak through the tears and sobs stuck in my throat - I was trying to be strong for Virginia and Rudy but I just couldn't seem to get any words past that huge lump in my throat so it fell upon Todd to tell her. He very gently explained to 14 yr old Virginia that we couldn't let him suffer anymore, that he was tired and in pain and it was time to let him journey to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for her there. He was so good with her rubbing Rudy 's head and holding her hand - I didn't even know Todd knew about the Rainbow Bridge! - tears coursed silently down my face. Virginia sobbed and pleaded with us to let her keep trying, she insisted she would pull him. Our Vet is a wonderful and compassionate man and although he felt it was time to put him down, he felt that if he gave Rudy a little more banamine to ease any pain he might be feeling to allow Virginia a little more time with him to accept the decision.

Virginia on the other hand was not about to accept that decision or give up on Rudy. She fashioned a harness out of soft, thick cotton lead ropes resembling a seeing eye dog's harness and she literally hauled him up on his feet and dragged him around singing hymns and speaking encouragement to him. It was heartbreaking to watch them stumbling while Miss Kitty brought up the rear anxiouly nickering to Rudy. But miracle of miracles, after a half an hour, Rudy was lifting his head just a little- Virginia was still holding him up and pulling him along, wouldn't let any of us even touch him. Virginia is only 5'3" and even though Rudy was only a little guy, you could see what a strain it was for Virginia to be holding him up with his hooves barely skimming the ground. don't get excited, Todd told me, it's only the banamine kicking in. But as we watched that pair struggling for Rudy's survival little things started happening, ears started flickering back and forth listening to Miss Kitty behind him and Virginia above him. Every so often, a little hoof would actually take a step and his tail would swish. 3 hours later, Rudy finally passed some manure - and Virginia was still dragging him along, slowly, carefully, her arms cramping but still she would not let anyone else help her. Another 1/2 hour and Ruy was walking on his own - unbelieveable!

We never found out exactly what caused Rudy to colic but to this day, I know that it was Virginia who saved his life - he was weak for almost 6 weeks after and had a slow recovery but every morning before school, Virginia would be up at 5 am to be sure he got up and walked, then as soon as she got home from school, she'd be out there with him again - he galloped for the first time just before Christmas! The only lingering side effect was weak pasterns from being off his feet for most of the recovery time -the front are perfect now and the back ones are still a little weak but the Vet is sure in time they will be perfect too.

Oh, and one other thing, Rudy is no longer a Rude Boy - after his colic attack (he has never had a reoccurence ) he has been the perfect little gentleman - even for his first clip job - he was a bit of a mama's boy as we weaned him late and Miss Kitty was not rebred but he will follow Virginia around like a puppy and can be usually found tagging along after Virginia - can you blame him? Not me!

EEEks - sorry for running on again - I know Virginia would kill me if she knew I told this story again - she gets embarrassed!
Wow, this is some story!

Simply amazing!!!

Kudos to Virginia, Rudy, Miss Kitty and you!

Liz M.
Thank you, very much, for telling this story, it was very uplifting.

What a very special daughter you have, you must be very proud of her.
Oh, I'm crying my eyes out here. What a miraculous story. Virginia is a very special young lady. I'm so glad the Rudy is alive and doing so well. Miss Kitty must be very happy he is still there. She has never been able to keep any of her babies. How many minis do you have now? We need more! You tell a wonderful story and we here just love a good story teller. I still have Miss Kitty's filly, Treasure, the palomino. She is a tall one..36" at two. You can see her if you click on my link in my signature below.

If you have pics I'd be happy to post them here for you. Just email them to me [email protected]

Glad you joined becomes an addiction I warn you.
That was a wonderful story about a wonderful child, Thankyou for sharing it.
What a great story! You are so lucky to have a very special daughter! I am so happy to hear there is a great ending to this story. Corinne
Thank you for sharing a wonderful story and you have a daughter with determation and heart. Thanks for sharing.